Colby Knox’s Halloween Super-Hero Sex Fest

Colby Knox is having another year of Halloween super-hero cosplay fun and this time Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are kicking it up notch with the two-parter The Adventures of Batman and Robin (A Colby Knox Parody). Jack Hunter plays Batman, Christian Bay plays Robin, Colby and Mickey play two “diabolical thugs that make up the crime community of Gotham City”. In addition they’ve got Taylor Reign (not on camera) showing another side of his many talents by providing the body art! Part 1 is out this week with Colby, Mickey and Christian while in next week’s part 2 Jack swoops in!

In part 1 Robin (Christian Bay) is already tied up by masked man Colby Chambers who’s verbally intimidating him and playing mind games on the super-hero. At the same time Mickey Knox is watching, on all fours wearing a chain collar and padlock AND a puppy mask. So apparently our villains are on the kinky side and Colby’s mind games are possibly related to that. However, Robin is not intimidated and no matter what the thug tells him is confident that Batman will rescue him.

While Mickey’s pup character seems obedient apparently he still needs some training because he snatches a something from Colby’s pocket. AND, though he’s ordered to drop it, he instead sets it off. It’s a smoke bomb whose green vapors are inhaled by all three with almost instantaneous effects: their libidos are out of control! as the site describes , “The lines of hero and villain begin to blur as a primal urge takes over.” The thugs go up to Robin and take out their cocks and he sucks them both, alternating between them.

As the scene goes poor Robin continues to be bound as the villains take off his shorts and suck him. Surprisingly it’s Mickey who fucks him first, pounded him in the chair as Colby feeds him his big cock. Soon enough the ropes are gone and the villains are spit roasting Robin. And then they take turns on his ass. It’s wildly hot. Colby Chambers then takes his familiar role as manhandling deep-fucking power top. But he also stays in character as the villain, keeping up with the dirty talk and mentioning Batman as he does.

Colby eventually goes over the edge and pulls out shooting a load over Christian’s ass. And Mickey comes on over to do the same thing. When they’re done they basically collapse and go to sleep. What does Robin do? Well he’s still so excited that he has to jack off before anything else. And lo & behold he passes out too!  Mickey & Colby wake up, seemingly unclear about what happened. BUT, with Robin still out they get dressed and prepare to tie him up again. Next week: Enter Batman!

Obviously this is low budget but the fun factor more than makes up for that. The guys all look like they’re having have a good time with this and it’s hot in keeping with other Colby Knox videos. That’s not always something you get with other bigger budget parody scenes. Colby Knox members know this and so should you.

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