Cocky Boys’ Just One Night: Jacen Zhu & Taylor Reign

The third episode in Cocky Boys new series Just One Night is perhaps the most intensely erotic and riveting of the series and makes the case that a scene can be exciting even without high energy sex. Co-stars Taylor Reign and Jacen Zhu are so perfect together thanks to terrific chemistry and their natural performing and acting abilities and though this is fictional is feels so real. Just One Night has featured twists in each episode and it’s here too although arguably more subtle. On the other hand this episode is more openly tied to the other two.

Once more the series returns to the party/event at the Museum of Sex as it’s in high gear. Jacen Zhu in the event host with Taylor Reign often seen by his side. During the course of the video montage we see some of the other series’ characters and it gives us a little more insight into the last episode, specifically Calvin Banks’ story. We soon find out that Taylor is also a guest and really wants to spend time with Jacen, who in turn likes him but is trying to act cool and professional. We soon learn why later. Taylor gets Jacen to exchange numbers, they text each other and Jacen invites him over.

Later as they enjoy wine on a terrace overlooking the city we see that Jacen Zhu is fairly well-to-do. He explains to Taylor Reign that he doesn’t mix business and pleasure so that even though he’s surrounded by beautiful men at the club he doesn’t go out with them. He’s been burned too many times before.  And even though he likes that Taylor hung around like a puppy he’s still a bit wary. Showing that he’s undeterred by Jacen’s rule of thumb Taylor nuzzles up next to Jacen, touching him gently but clearly wanting to seduce him. It works because Jacen quickly takes Taylor inside.


As expected they kiss in a romantic and passionate fashion but the that’s about where the predictability of the scene ends. Without much warning Jacen turns Taylor around and pushes him on all fours on top of the soda. In one clean yank he pulls Taylor’s pants down and buries his face in Taylor’s crack. Jacen pulls out his cock and strokes it as he really goes to town rimming a moaning Taylor and starts talking to him in a very dominant way..and Taylor likes it. It may seem like it’s coming out of nowhere but Jacen sees something that the camera cleverly keeps out of view for the most part…at least at first.

Jacen’s sensuous domination of Taylor continues as he takes his cock and slaps it on Taylor’s hole. He wants him to beg to be fucked and Taylor does just that. The guys are still almost completely clothed as Jacen starts fucking Taylor..not really faster, but with more depth. Soon Jacen takes off his jacket and shirt and shows us his perfectly sculpted physique. As he continues the intensity of which we speak grows and it feels like one or both of the guys is getting close to the edge. But Taylor asks for a break..from the fucking that is.

After some sensual kissing Taylor Reign is on his knees sucking Jacen Zhu who continues his verbal domination. As he plays with his own nipples he stands above Taylor and makes him deep throat him, basically teaching and training him to deep throat him. And again the lighting and cinematography give us gasp-worthy views of Jacen’s body It’s more of the sensual domination in action.  He finally get Taylor’s shirt off and Taylor continues to give him deep sucking. This time the lighting and camera work give us an incredible view of Taylor’s incredible ass…which Taylor gyrates to Jacen’s and our delight. Finally Taylor rises to his feet and Jacen takes him into the bedroom, the last bits of his wall falling away.

In the bedroom Taylor is sitting on the bed with his back to us as Jacen kisses him. It’s an interestingly different angle to begin this sequence but it’s purposely part of the reveal of the twist. Jacen pushes Taylor on his back and begins sucking him and you get a glimpse that Taylor is wearing a leather cock ring.  Rewind a bit and you’ll see that Taylor and RJ work really well to hiding this up until now. And that ‘s not the only kinky reveal. When Javen pulls the rest off Taylor’s clothes we get a better look of what Taylor is wearing around his neck. It’s a small chain with a small padlock & key. These symbols of being a sub are worn when someone is already kept. In this case we think that by wearing the lock with the key Taylor is sending Jacen the message that he isn’t kept yet…but would like Jacen to be his dom.

Remember when Jacen Zhu revealed his secret foot fetish in  his “Wildest Dreams” scene? Well this comes back again in full force here. First, he sucks Taylor Reign’s toes, then goes back to his cock. As he does Taylor Reign submissively spreads his legs wider and it’s in this sequence where we finally get a full view of his padlock necklace. Again, this has to be purposeful.  Jacen then lies next to Taylor for a really well-shot 69. Then the gets Taylor on his back to fuck him. But before he does he sucks his toes and feet again, both feet, one after the other. Clearly Taylor loves this too since he’s rock hard. Then again he’s hard throughout the scene and we don;t think that happens through artificial means.

Jacen starts fucking Taylor and holds Taylor by the ankles and pushes them back with seeming ease. It would also appear that Jacen finds his groove inside Taylor very quickly because he’s not fucking him for very long before he goes over the edge. It’s probably helped by Taylor’s hot moans but whatever the case Jacen pulls out and shoots over Taylor for an intense orgasm. Still trying to catch his breath Jacen makes sure to help Taylor cum without cock inside him. He rubs under his balls and sucks Taylor’s nipples until he shoots a huge load. Jacen is almost giddy in his approval.

In the end as they lie next to each other Taylor Reign utters a “So…?” A one word question that says a lot. Will there be a tomorrow for these two guys? Or will they have  “just one night”? In any case this is surely one of Cocky Boys best scenes in recent memory…and considering their track record this year that says a lot.

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