’s Halloween Marathon: The Bayou Part 1

As we reported earlier is celebrating Halloween with TWO back-to-back series that will wrap up on October 31! It has started today with The Bayou directed by Marc MacNamara and featuring Tobias and Paul Canon as a couple who run into a bit of trouble on their trip down south. This series finishes on October 28 followed the next day by Paranormal, an Alter Sin “haunted house” series in which Paddy O’Brian, Theo Ford & Gabriel Cross may be crossing paths with horny ghosts!The opening credits in The Bayou are quite well done: dark humor mixed into a sequence that’s creepy and suggests something gruesome is happening. As we’ve seen in trailers for the upcoming episodes that is indeed the case, but knowing Marc MacNamara’s storytelling style there’s likely several twists ahead.

In episode one boyfriends Paul Canon and Tobias go on a road trip to bayou country where Tobias will meet Paul’s family. Tobias is a goofball, the kind that make stupid decisions in horror movies and wind up easy victims. Director MacNamara also gives him plenty of lines reiterate this persona. AND, by the way, the director makes a humorous reference to one of his other series in the script. It’s very cute. The guys are forced to take a detour (under suspicious circumstances) and naturally they get lost. Where do they go? They ask for directions at a remote cabin where tall muscle stud Michael Roman lives and offers them a room for the night.

There’s a bit Hitchcockian storytelling MacNamara uses here to create suspense. He reveals to the audience, but not to Paul Canon and Tobias, certain details. For one thing the road worker who tells them the highway is closed due to a fallen tree and forces them to take a detour isn’t really a road worker. And before the guys arrive Michael Roman performs a task tied to the horrific opening credits. So while Tobias isn’t suspicious at all, we certainly are…and so is Paul.

Nevertheless the guys spend the night in the cabin and the guys have some hot and heavy sex. At first Paul is hesitant but once they go at it we get a very uninhibited sex scene with multiple positions. As such you can tell this is a Marc MacNamara scene because he very often pulls out the creative stops when it comes to a sex scene. Usually though acrobatic Diego Sans is his muse for such wild sex scenes. He’s only here in a cameo..albeit a very important one.

So, after the hot sex the guys take a shower together before bed. You’re probably warning these guys, “Watch out…Haven’t you seen Psycho?”.  The guys indeed ARE being watched as they take a shower and the scene ends. Tomorrow is chapter two and the first of many heart-pounding twists. Stay tuned…


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