’s Halloween Marathon: The Bayou Part 2

In day 2 of‘s Halloween Marathon, director Marc MacNamara‘s The Bayou continues with more creepy suspense, terror, and a good dose of hot sex. Again Marc is having some fun playing on the B-movie horror genre although we have to say that in terms of film quality no B_movie ever looked this good. That said, the three-part mini-series format does present some storytelling limitations. And a hot porn scene takes priority over story more often than not. Caution: spoilers ahead as we attempt to fill in the blanks.

In part 1 couple Tobias and Paul Canon head to bayou country to visit Paul’s family but they get lost. A sexy but creepy bayou hunk Michael Roman lets them spend the night in his cabin and later when the sexy couple is taking a post-sex shower their host spies on then. Actually much worse has happened because somehow during the night Tobias has been loosely shackled in a shack with bloody rags hanging from the ceiling. He wakes up, miraculously manages to get free and runs for dear life when a masked stranger menaces him with a meat cleaver!

Tobias runs away and finds another house where Damien Stone is working outside on his porch. Tobias tells him about the incident (neglecting to talk about Paul) and Damien calls the police, he returns to calm down Tobias and clean him up. Damien also comes on to Tobias who simply can’t resist the sexy muscle man. And so he goes down on him. In return Damien rims his big muscular ass, sucks his cock, and fucks him on top of a flannel blanket under his porch/workshop area. It’s a steamy sex scene accentuated by obviously humid and sticky swamp area where the series was filmed. Very effective.

The twist comes at the end as the guys are getting dressed. Damien announces the arrival of the police but of course it isn’t them. It’s the menacing figure of Michael Roman and by the smirk on Damien’s face it’s clear they’re working together and have trapped Tobias. AND, Michael isn’t alone either giving Tobias one more shock before the scene blacks out. Are explanations ahead? We shall see…



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