Cocky Boys’ Just One Night: Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay

Cocky Boys‘ mini-series Just One Night concludes with one more super-hot pairing: Boomer Banks and Michael DelRay in his site debut! We’re really sorry to see this series come to an end but we’re glad that it goes out on a high note. And really, any scene, series or movie that leave you wanting more without needing more is a creative success. Still we hope circumstances like the JUST ONE NIGHT party at the Museum of Sex come up again and we get a similarly hot series with new faces.

Boomer Banks has appeared in a background cameo throughout Just One Night and finally as he’s getting ready to leave his story begins. That’s the first surprise. Boomer leave and walks the city streets with a confident air.Along the way the handsome and hunky man appears to be cruising, although in a subtle fashion. We also see Michael DelRay walking the streets although not in the same location. You might argue that they sense each other’s presence. Whatever the case may be Michael plants himself and waits in a courtyard just of the street. Boomer spots him and gives him “the look”…which Michael returns.

They don’t say much to each other but Boomer does make it known by his physical gestures that he’s interested. He takes Michael by the hand and brings him up the fire escape of an old building (which turns out to be Boomer’s building) where they make out. We know it’s at night and the scene is discretely shot but it feels rather brazen that he pulls out Michael’s big cock to play with it AND he goes down on him! Boomer takes Michael up to the roof to rim him and suck him some more.

Boomer soon has Michael pull up his pants and pull down his shirt and takes him up to a higher level. There Boomer and Michael kiss and enjoy the spectacular view of the city. Romantic?  Yes, indeed. However, if you recall Boomer Banks in Just Love he says succinctly “Love gives me a boner”.  So when looking at the city lights and Michael smiles and tells him, “Its beautiful”  it should be no surprise that Boomer looks at him and says seriously, “You want to stay here and watch the view, or do you wanna go fuck”. You have to figure that this his expression of affection.

There’s really no foreplay when they Boomer takes Michael into his bedroom. They barely kiss before Michael pushes Boomer back on a chair and goes down on him. here’s a kind of wicked glee on Boomer’s face when Michael makes this aggressive move and goes down on Boomer’s giant cock. He takes a lot of it, periodically choking on it. I would appear that Michael DelRay is going to service Boomer dutifully. However in a nice twist we see him bending Boomer over the chair and noisily rimming him deeply as well as sucking his cock from behind. It feels like he’s changed the dynamic here and it turns out to be true. It’s almost shocking when Boomer moans out, “I want you inside me”! And arguably it’s equally surprising to see Michael step right up and take the role of dominant top.

Although we’ve seen Michael DelRay elsewhere before this, his Cocky Boys‘ debut is a bit of a revelation. With his big cock he power tops a moaning Boomer and talks dirty to him in a deep voice. That deep sexy voice comes up often in this part of the scene and we can sure see why it would flip a top. It reflects the changed persona of his character. Michael owns the room even though we know this is Boomer’s apartment. Michael moves over to the bed, lies down and virtually order Boomer to ride his big cock. And that’s what Boomer does, riding his cock, taking his thrusts and moaning…which again contrast with Michael’s deep voice. It’s fucking with a sensual edge.

At one point Boomer takes a break and looking intently at Michael says, “I’m going to fuck you now, ok?” And just like that the dynamic flips. Michael says okay to Boomer’s seemingly matter-of-fact, but authoritative statement and Boomer starts playing with Michael’s amazingly hard cock. And then he fucks him deep.  One thing that doesn’t change is the Michael’s deep-voiced responses. In fact they’re even louder as Boomer fucks him. For his part Boomer likes to show his top prowess by pulling out and plunging in. He really looks like he gets off on watching Michael squirm and moan.

Boomer Banks  is even more control and shows it by flipping Michael DelRay around, putting him against the headboard, and nailing him. Against Michael is quite vocal in letting us know how it feels to get fucked by Boomer. Boomer presses his body up against Michael and you can see the pleasure in the bottom’s face. Even when it times to cum Boomer is in the driver’s seat…undoubtedly after edging themselves for a long time. Michael sits on Boomer’s lower abs and strokes his cock.

It’s here where you really notice Michael’s height as well as the length of his cock. It’s looks like it’s only an inch away from Boomer’s face so when he shoots his big load it easily hits the scruff of his beard while the rest lands in between Boomer’s pecs. By the way, we didn’t mention that Boomer has really put on some muscle and it looks REALLY food on him. Boomer has a huge an intense orgasm too, helped bu Michael. With his face buried under his balls Boomer pumps a load all over his torso. And Michael makes him quiver and shake by sucking his sensitive cock. They kiss, both expressing how hot that was.

This last Just One Night ends somewhat ambiguously and really that’s almost a necessity. The other episodes ended either definitively or suggestively that for the respective couples it wouldn’t be a one-nighter. For the characters Boomer and Michael are playing their hot night together seemed to be enough. But we can still hopefully imagine they’ve met their match.


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