’s Halloween Marathon: The Bayou Part 3

On day 3 of‘s Halloween Marathon, director Marc MacNamara‘s The Bayou concluded with another atmospheric, suspenseful episode….and a hot three-way as its highlight. Some dangling plot threads are tied up here although there are a few unanswered questions. And, in keeping with the B-movie horror genre to which the director is paying homage there’s an ending that leaves you guessing. Again, there are spoilers ahead.

At the end of The Bayou part 2 we’re left with the impression that poor Tobias has met his end. But at the beginning of part 3 we learn he’s been tied up again…by his supposed boyfriend Paul Canon. In the course of the first few minutes we learn that Paul, Michael Roman and Damien Stone are in the business of selling alligators for meat and they use human flesh to keep their alligators well fed so that they go for a higher price. Paul is apparently the one who brings unsuspecting hunks to the bayou. Tobias being the latest.

We also learn that Paul, Michael and Damien are apparently a throuple. So although Paul and Damien had their way with Tobias they really prefer each other…and Michael.  Here though Paul Canon think the other guys owe him extra attention for bringing in fresh meat and tying him up again. So he gets a double-sided blowjob from his co-stars. After getting that attention he requests getting fucked.

Paul sucks Michael while Damien rims him and then fucks him, essentially spit-roasting the hunk. Once again this is filmed outdoors on what is obviously a very humid day. Paul Canon looks especially uncomfortable here with a sweaty film on his body and his hair flattened out. Surprisingly Michael Roman also gets fucked, riding the cock of Damien Stone who gets fed Paul’s cock. Then Paul gets Damien’s cock as Michael finishes him up on his back. And Paul gets all he cum on his face and body.

And guess what? Tobias gets away again! At the end he runs through the bayou woods looking for help. Does he find it? Let’s just say you’re left hanging but you’ll probably have the intended conclusion. All in all another crafty, creative Marc MacNamara project!

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