’s Halloween Marathon: Paranormal Part 1

On day 4 of‘s Halloween Marathon director Alter Sin begins his stylish offering Paranormal, a take-off on those reality shows where ghost-hunters investigate supernatural phenomenon. In the show’s introduction Paddy O’Brian and his speechless wife can’t explain what happened to them while show hosts Gabriel Cross (who has a deadpan one-liner fans will get) and Theo Ford talk about this case and how it was unlike anything they experienced before. 

Day 1 takes place on a stormy night (of course) in a spooky house where the lights are flickering and things are going bump in the night. Super-sexy Paddy O’Brian and muscle stud Nicolas Brooks are oblivious to this because they’re about to get it on. The only concern Nicolas has is Paddy’s wife…who Paddy assures is out for the night. And so they get naked, make out and Nicolas starts sucking off Paddy (who’s so hot, looking like he’s in the best shape of his career). What the guys don’t see is that there appears to be a shadowy figure periodically coming across the screen, seemingly watching them.

Actually as Nicolas sucks off Paddy he’s increasingly distracted by the weird sounds and sudden noises and it looks like he senses it when the showy figure makes its presence known to us the viewers. However they’re both interrupted when Paddy’s wife walks in on them! Nicolas dashes away into hiding and because she didn’t get a good look Paddy convinces her that she didn’t see anything. He says he’s been alone but there are strange things going on in the house. Meanwhile Nicolas is eavesdropping and helps Paddy fool his wife by making unexplained noises and turning the lights off and on. Paddy sends his wife away to call her cousin who’s familiar with paranormal stuff.

And so Nicolas Brooks and Paddy O’Brian are left alone again to pick up where they let off. It’s exceptionally hot too. On the sofa Nicolas sucks off Paddy who in turn rims and fucks him from behind. If this was the extent of the scene it would still be hot. But there’s more. Nicolas rides Paddy’s cock and then Paddy fucks him on his back…still on the sofa. Paddy ranks high on the list of porn stars who seem to have unstoppable stamina and he really shows that here.  He fucks a load out of Nicolas and then gives him a facial. Director Alter Sin throws in one more shot of Paddy’s sweaty, ripped torso  so that we again see his phenomenal body.

The episode ends on an eerie cliffhanger too. As Paddy & Nicolas kiss we see that the shadowy figure is a naked man who fades in to view and fades away…without the lovers seeing a thing! Coming up: the paranormal investigators arrive!

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