’s Halloween Marathon: Paranormal Part 2

On day 5 of‘s Halloween Marathon the spooky-sexy series Paranormal continues with Theo Ford and Gabriel Cross taking center stage. They play the ghost-hunting hosts of a reality series investigating the claims of paranormal activity in the home of Paddy O’Brian and his wife. However as we learn not everything is what is seems.

In part 2 of Paranormal, investigators Theo Ford and Gabriel Cross arrive on Day 2 with cameraman Ken Summers and they interview Paddy and his wife. They assure the couple of their helpful intentions and want to set up cameras and sensors about the house to get proof of the paranormal phenomenon. Paddy is upset about this because as we saw in the first episode he made up the paranormal sighting to cover up being caught having sex with another man. He gets alone with Gabriel and Theo and tells them the truth. His solution is that they can still film at the house and find nothing…as well as get paid. So they agree, none being aware that there really is a haunting.

We also learn that Gabriel Cross is having similar problem to Paddy. He has a girlfriend but is secretly cheating on her…with Theo Ford! On day 3, and another stormy night,  the two find some alone time and Theo comes on to Gabriel. At first reluctant Gabriel kisses him back and they start undressing…unaware Ken Summers is still shooting them. At the same time a night vision camera is also on them ….and it’s  picking up the image of another figure… a muscle hunk hovering near them!  Gabriel can’t see him but he feels his presence. Gabriel sucks and rims Theo and then fucks him against the banister. And only we get to see periodic glimpses of the ghostly figure.

The scene is sensuously hot, passionate and romantic but like the first scene there’s an edge of supernatural suspense hanging over the action. When Gabriel sits back and Theo starts sucking him the figure appears again on the night vision camera and comes over to watch them. He passes by OUR view and as he does the two guys can feel that something weird is going on. Even though they’re periodically interrupted by all kinds of strange things they continue with more sucking and rimming with Theo now fucking Gabriel. Alter Sin does a very good job of mixing the cinematography to give us a variety of POV and keep us on our toes.

The guys both shoot their loads and as Gabriel sucks the cum off Theo’s cock the hunky ghost puts his hand on Gabriel’s shoulder…and freaks him out! But that’s not the end. The episode wraps up with POV video footage of someone (Ken?) walking down some empty secret corridor in the house. It’s definitely chilling and ends with the glimpse of the ghostly figure, a panicked cameraman and the camera switching off! Spooky! And a very effective cliffhanger! Tomorrow, the finale!


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