Halloween At French Twinks: HotHell

French Twinks joins the ranks of sites featuring Halloween videos with HotelHell, a genuinely spooky offering in which two guys attempt to make a sex tape and wind up being terrorized by a horny ghost. The award-wining site released a trailer (above) for the elaborate scene starring hunky Doryann Marguet & Paul Delay as the couple & Baptiste Garcia as the ghost(?).  Doryann and Paul go to a notorious hotel room to film a sex tape but something happens during the night. As one person on Twitter commented, “It looks hot as hell and scary as fuck at the same time!”

Much of the action in the trailer is shrouded by darkness which certainly is effective in in creating terror. Fortunately there are also some color still posted that gives you a better hint of what’s going on. As French Twinks asks, ” Will the boys manage to finish their sex tape? Can a ghost really fuck a horny twink? Was that something moving in the dark?” Check it out in just a few hours..

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