Halloween At Maskurbate: Obsessed!

For the third year in a row Maskurbate has a special Halloween! Titled Obsessed the scene stars Zack Lemec and written & directed by longtime site owner Pascal.  He’s found a creative way to make the most of what is basically a solo scene abd make it scary.The premise is simple and laid out on screen. Zack has a big fan (with lots of photos tacked to his wall) who apparently took to sending the muscled hunk harassing messages. After that Zack stopped replying which sent this fan Etienne off the deep end. In the opening credits this fan puts on a tattered hooded costume and a mask and as we see he’s lurking outside Zack’s home when the hunk arrives home..in broad daylight!

Zack continues to go about his daily routine, making plans, and taking a shower completely unaware that  the stalker fan has walked into his unlocked house, gone up the stairs and into the bathroom, poised to ..? BUT, the stalker walks away suddenly. After his shower Zack gets a call from Pascal who warns him about he stalker who has his address but the stud isn’t worried because he knows how to defend himself. Uh-huh. He crawls into bed and takes a nap but falls into a deep sleep.

How deep? Well the stalker creeps into his bedroom, pulls off the sheets, caresses Zack’s muscular body and starts stroking him to hardness. Zack slowly wakes up and the fan scurries into his closet..which Zack sees as his eyes focus. He texts Pascal and tells him what’s happened and, pretending that he didn’t see the stalker, decides to put on a jack-off show for him. It IS a hot show too.

As fearless as Zack this is still surprisingly scary. The suspenseful music coupled with some of the video shot from the stalker’s POV add some intensity to the sexy show Zack puts on. He moves from jacking off in bed to standing in front of the closet doors. Again it would be a hot solo on its own. He cums and then…? You might guess what’s going to happen but there are multiple twists that Maskurbate throws in. Simple, but effective.

Lastly Maskurbate is offering a special Halloween membership sale…check it out!

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