Halloween At Cocky Boys: Diablo In Madrid!

Famed indie filmmaker Bruce LaBruce becomes Cocky Boys “newest CockyBoy” this week with the release of Diablo In Madrid, the first of four films he’s directed for the site! It stars Allen King and Sean Ford , along with Colby Keller in a supporting role As we reported before, over the summer Bruce LaBruce directed an anthology for Cocky Boys and this first one Diablo In Madrid also doubles as the studio’s Halloween offering. As such it surely ranks as the most fascinatingly quirky, darkly funny releases among all the holiday videos this year. It’s also a pleasant surprise to see Director LaBruce maintains his distinctive style and that it meshes well with the Cocky Boys studio brand.  It makes us look forward to the next three LaBruce films in this series all the more. One more thing. Before watching read Jake Jaxson’s introduction to the movie. He discusses Bruce LaBruce’s inspiration to him and how this unique collaboration came to be.

Diablo In Madrid was indeed filmed on location in the Spanish city and so right away American audiences will definitely know they’re watching something different. It also begins in an old cemetery in broad daylight. Allen King plays a devil/demon, not THE devil we assume because he’s not relentlessly evil, just VERY mischievous, irreverent, and very sexual. He’s also seemingly interested in corrupting people he comes across in the cemetery.  You might also argue that instead he’s sexually liberating those he encounters.  If you already had the impression that Allen King was cute but somehow devilish you’ll appreciate his casting here.

As we said Allen is very irreverent. He puts flowers on a grave and then pees on it! He comes upon a grieving widow (Topacia Fresh) and her possible son (Alejandria Cinque) and sexually teases the young man. The young man easily gives into temptation and starts sucking his cock! The widow pulls the young man away,with considerable effort. It’s purely physical though, not spiritual, as the dangling of her rosary in Allen’s face has no effect! If this doesn’t confirm to you that Allen indeed a devil his strutting about the cemetery holding a pitchfork will. At the same time Sean Ford appears wearing all white shorts and sleeveless hoodie. Oh yes and little wings to make it clear he’s an angel.

Allen’s next target of temptation is Professor Colby Keller, sitting on a bench, well-dressed and studious-looking as he reads a book. Allen appears next to him and distracts him with more brazen sexual temptation. Apparently he doesn’t have to do much to tempt him because soon Colby is following Allen into an empty mausoleum tomb and into some dark and misty place inside. Is it some place outside of reality? Perhaps it is because Colby and Allen are shot from a distance for most of this sequence is shot at a distance and the place where they are seems huge and without defined boundaries. Whatever the case Colby goes down on Allen and vice versa. Allen doesn’t cum but VColby felivers one of his thick gushing cumshots over Allen’s face.

Much to our surprise both Allen and Colby climb out of the tomb. We half-expected Colby to be trapped down in the depths. Allen still seems unsatisfied and it’s unclear as to what he’s trying to do. Angel Sean Ford pops up again and from his movements it appears he’s on the look out for Allen. Meanwhile Allen has found someone new to tempt. is a grieving man, Edrien Guillermo crying over his boyfriend’s grave. Allen heartlessly mocks his crying but also sexually teases him. The man gives in easily kissing Allen and following him into another mausoleum. Inside the dank tomb the man goes down on Allen. The scene has intensity born of the sheer creepy irreverence of having sex in a resting place for the dead. As he sucks Allen, the man shoots in a riveting orgasm and so does Allen, giving the man a facial almost identical to the one he got from Colby.


Devil Allen is still not done. He struts around the cemetery seemingly more sexually cocky and confident. He comes upon a grieving widower Lucas Costa with the intention of tempting him BUT angel Sean Ford appears to stop him. They fight on top of the tomb in front of the mourner who just backs away. As they tussle Allen King also tries kissing Sean and getting sexual with him This battle of physical beings and sheer will turns into a chase. Sean runs away with Allen trying to catch him. They run over a bridge through the city streets and pop up into the someone’s living room. As they wrestle around the home owner doesn’t even see them.

Clothes start getting torn off and finally Allen King pins down Sean Ford and feeds him his cock. It would seem that one taste of cock and the angel has given in to his untapped lustful desires. Sean sucks back willingly and soon Allen is on his back getting blown, thrusting his cock into Sean’s mouth. Allen finishes taking off Sean’s virginal white clothes and gives him head as well as rimming his very hot, cute ass. At one point there’s a reveal, it’s only momentary, or Allen’s true devilish physical nature. You’ll know what we mean when you see it.

When they get to it the full on sex is passionate and intense. Sean rides Allen’s cock and Allen fucks him from behind and on his back. Allen doesn’t relent until he’s fucked the cum out of Sean..and given him a facial of his own cum. They share a cummy kiss and keep kissing.

In a post-sex epilogue the guys are shown in a different place, dressed again in their respective angel/devil garb. They walk hand-in-hand, no longer in conflict. But where are they going? Has love conquered all? Is either character transformed from the sex?  Obviously Bruce LaBruce is leaving it up to you is what appears to be a happy ending?


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