’s Halloween Marathon: Paranormal Part 3

It’s day 6 of‘s Halloween Marathon and that means the finale of Alter Sin’s very hot, suspenseful and often spine-tingling series Paranormal! The story comes full circle here as Paddy O’Brian and most of the characters are reunited. And there’s at least one more chilling twist.  Overall it’s a near-perfect series for Alter Sin who shows again that what is not shown and simply implied is often scarier. 

The third episode starts off on Day 4 of the paranormal investigation in which investigator Gabriel Cross looks over cameraman Ken Summers footage and sees the grainy, dark close-up face of the hunky ghost. He calls up home owner Paddy O’Brian and urges him to come and see for himself that the ghost is real. On day 5 Paddy indeed returns and meets with Theo Ford who has been going over the video footage. Apparently Paddy thinks that video proof is made-up …to help Paddy cover up his sexual indiscretion. He thanks Theo for keeping his secret and offers to help Theo keep his…and they start to get it on..

It’s implied that whenever there’s gay sexual activity afoot the hunky naked ghost appears to be a supernatural voyeur. So when Paddy and Theo start to go at it the ghost slowly comes up from the basement to watch. There’s also a mortal voyeur in Ken Summers who has been filming secret sex footage all alone and spies on the guys. Theo sucks Paddy and when things get really heated the ghost appears (to us) and his supernatural presence makes itself known very suddenly to the guys. Paddy is incredulous and Theo says, “See I told you” Then he tries to talk to the unseen ghost and knowing that the spirit likes to watch he boldly asks him to join in! Lo and behold Diego Reyes appears and after a initial shock Paddy starts kissing him.

What transpires is a VERY hot and sweaty three-way in which Paddy O’Brian and Theo Ford both wind up fucking Diego Reyes seemingly forgetting that they’re having sex with a ghost..albeit one who is solid physically. As they suck and fuck in all kinds of positions it’s also strongly implied (because of the visual change in the video picture) that cameraman Ken Summers is secretly filming them. SO, not only is he getting the ghost captured on film but he’s got proof of the philandering Paddy & Theo (to what end we don’t find out)

The ending is even hotter. As Diego rides Paddy he shoots a huge load and right after he sits back while Paddy & Theo stand above him and shoot their huge intense loads over aimed over his face and mouth. Then a still facially saturate Diego licks their still hard cock heads.As he does he disappears suddenly leave Theo and Paddy once again shocked. The basement camera though catches the sexy ghost walking down the corridor and fading away. Forever??

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