Naked Sword: The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales Finale!

The finale of Naked Sword‘s October/Halloween offering The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales will technically be released tomorrow (or at midnight) after Halloween, but it still works out . That’s because the Day of The Dead holiday follows on November 1 & 2.  Not that anyone watching the series will make a big deal about it…especially since the last story in this horror anthology features the super-hot, yummy match-up of Pheonix Fellington and Leo Luckett!  

In the newsletter Naked Sword describes this last tale “Deadly Tide” as “eerily reminiscent of the cult classic Dead Calm.” That should tell you that there’s something sinister going on here even though it’s set in the sunny, beautiful SF bay, filmed aboard a boat (as was some of 2015’s mr Pam series A Wicked Game). Ad the site promises that”Pheonix Fellington and Leo Luckett fuck hard as they literally rock the boat!”

Phoenix Fellington is referred to as a  “chiseled adventure seeker” who is “seduced by blond haired, blue-eyed all-American boy Leo Luckett. Leo has a boat and invites Pheonix out for a day on the bay. Sounds pretty hot, right” Apparently when Pheonix asks Leo about his ex the blond stud brushes aside any inquiries , leaving “a feeling of dread in the passenger’s gut.” “There’s something creepy about the cute young sailor – but all is overlooked for a chance to hit his juicy bubble-butt.” Yes, good sense and instinct often go unheeded when there’s an offer of hot sex.

As we mentioned the sex takes place on the boat. But not inside hidden from view. The sucking and fucking take place on deck in the middle of the day:  “The sex crazed new friends don’t even bother to go below deck and begin sucking cock and eating ass in plain sight of the Bay Bridge. As both hot studs fuck and blow their loads the weather changes for the worse.” We assume that means figuratively.

” An incredibly hot scene that ends with a terrifying twist when Phoenix asks too many questions about Leo’s ex. They ARE answered though “when the ship’s captain takes his guest below deck, never to be seen again.” !!! All together there’s lots of frightful stuff in The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales and mr Pam does another stellar job. And highlighted by a great cast. Here it’s Pheonix Fellington and Leo Luckett, two of the series’ hot newer faces ..both of whom you need to see. Hot AND talented.



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