New Faces For October 2017 Part 5

In our last newcomer spotlight of the month there’s are more promising models which bodes well for their respective sites… not just now but into next year given that we’re on the cusp of November. Speaking of which, the end of THIS month is so early in the week there may be a number of prospects we may have the first New Faces spotlight for November before next Monday.

Chester at Sean Cody.  It’s promising when a guy says he likes to be nude, has jacked off in front of other people before (not on camera)  and proclaims, “I have a fairly generous and healthy sex life”.  But there’s more to cute, friendly and sexy Chester. He likes to get wild and doesn’t usually have what he considers “vanilla” sex. Chester goes on to be quite sincere and candid in his opening monologue about his versatile sex life. More details than we could possibly cover here. Suffice to say we hope that if he returns Sean Cody gives him someone just as lively. as the site says…”he likes to fuck ass, especially since he’s naturally a dominant guy, but he also likes to take it. Best of both worlds!”

Chester is is great shape and admits he’s put on 40 pounds of muscle in the last year. It shows. as does his athleticism and his physical energy as well as his energetic personality. He puts on two jack off shows he looks really good in both instances (thick cock by the way). Chester’s solo debut video is relatively long given all that he has to say and all the footage the site gives him in his non-sex sequences. Again this is a good sign. If Sean Cody has to pad a scene and we learn little about the new guy chances , or what his sexual leanings are like, he may not return. And shouldn’t. Versatile gay men like Chest need to move to the front of the line.

Fletcher at Corbin Fisher. This 6’3″ 18 year old is almost pretty.  He’s lean-muscled, relatively soft spoken guy with blue eyes and a sweet smile and it’s totally believable that this clean-cut guy’s his goal is med school and becoming a plastic surgeon. But that’s not the whole story. He has seven years experience as a MMA fighter! So you know he must be good because he doesn’t look like his face has even been slapped let alone punched.

There’s no mention of a sex life in Fletcher‘s interview so we were thinking straight. But after his solo he sounds like he’s very interested in doing lots more. Surely that must mean some gay and/or bi scenes. We shall see. One more thing. We’ve always thought that CF probably cleans up and grooms many models before they debut and they must have done so with Fletcher. Now we’re not so sure, On his own he didn’t just trim his pubes…he deforested them! Stay tuned for more!

Buck Carter at Gay HooplaThis bodybuilder sure is eager to please. He practically jumps at s chance to put on a posing suit and flex. When he jacks off he talks and put on an intense show, directed by Derek Jones. You can tell GH likes this guy because of how much they write about him.  They like that he loves to show off (so do we) and “lives for the attention.”

Here’s what else Gay Hoopla has to say: “Like any GayHoopla solo vid, you’ll get a really good view of every square inch of this stud’s body. Shots so close you can almost taste it. Buck grunts and groans and lets out a big shout as his load comes shooting. Derek asks him ‘you ever taste your own cum?’ ‘Guess there’s a first time for everything’ Buck answers, and scoops up a bit onto his tongue with a smile… Just like the cocky man he is. Buck gives us some pointers on the kinds of workouts to get his amazing bubble butt while showering the cum off himself.

“Wanna see him in action with some of the other guys? Buck kinda gives it away at the start of this video… You will. ‘Send me some ass shots’ he says with a smile. ‘Whoever has the best can come out here and top me.’ Stay Tuned.


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