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A new month at brings another handful of new faces and new series as well as a couple surprising returns and a few potentially hot match-ups.  And though the line-up of upcoming releases isn’t yet complete, there are considerably more stand-alone scenes that series episodes during the first few weeks of this month. It might winding up being that the first few weeks of the month may be one half series the other half one-shots.

November at starts off in an offbeat way with the second episode of Retreat Yo’Self …which launched back in September! To recap in part 1 Griffin Barrows checks in at a peaceful “Zen retreat”only to quickly find there’s a but more going on. While he’s doing yoga, fellow guest Noah Jones offers to help him stretch but comes on to him. He explains that at this retreat they find other ways to relax. AND, Noah shows him by fucking Griffin inside and indeed releasing all his stress.

In part 2, out now Griffin Barrows can’t quite keep work at a distance. On his second morning he gets a text message from work about reports that are due and starts to stress about them. When he goes to the dining room for breakfast newly checked in retreat Adam Thicke is there and offers to help Griffin relax with a shoulder rub. Adam also reveals his hard cock and Griffin remarks how horny everyone is here..before sucking Adam. And so right there in the dining room Adam fucks Griffin for another de-stressing session!

Coming up in part 3 of Retreat Yo’Self one of the staff (Connor Maguire) gives Griffin Barrows the full retreat de-stressing experience by going down on him and fucking him in bed. Griffin looks really good in this series and we’re always glad when he gets a starring role. It’s a good reminder of his screen presence, good acting and very natural and exciting performing style.

Also coming up this week is “Mistaken Identity” from inventive director Marc MacNamara. Vadim Black has the day off but doesn’t want to spend it jerking off. He wants something more though so hires a rentboy online. However Vadim has forgotten a cleaning service is coming over. So when the hot cleaning mam Teo Carter (in his debut) stud shows up Vadim thinks HE is his “date”. When Vadim gets naked and awaits him in bed Teo goes for it. Vadim fucks him and both guys seem to be satisfied. But will the mix-up be straightened out?

“Swole” is a gym sex fantasy directed by Edward James with two super-hot studs: Aspen and Brandon Cody!  As they work out Aspen can’t stop looking at Brandon and gets tongue-tied talking to him. The gym is empty though and so he offers to suck Brandon’s cock. At first thinking Aspen is kidding, Brandon agrees but also he reciprocates. AND he gives Aspen something extra…he fucks him in the locker room!

“My Sister’s Boyfriend” , also from Edward James, may be an oft-told boundary-crossing premise these days but the director manages to put a humorous spin on it. Beaux Banks has been secretly fooling around with his sister’s beau Cliff Jensen and before his sister and Cliff go off on a four-day trip he offers him a blowjob. They’re almost caught but Cliff hides Beaux in his duffle bag(!). It gets put in the SUV but Beaux can’t breathe and gets discovered. Dear sister leaves in a huff but that just leaves Cliff and Beaux to finish wear they left off with a tailgate fuck.

This weekend is the third part finale of The Boy Is Mine, the second series this month picking up again after more than a month. To recap Nicolas Brooks is fooling around with two guys Diego Reyes and Dato Foland  not knowing that Diego is fully aware of what’s going on. In part three it’s Nicolas who gets the shock to find that Dato and Diego are now fooling around. And he gets another surprise when they want him to join in for a three-way!  If only life was that easy!

Next week Dato Foland is back in another new series Uncut Legends, an anthology that showcases men with foreskin.  Dato and Andy Star kick off the all-sex series with their “beautiful throbbing uncut cocks.” There’s foreskin play in this first episode in which Dato tops Andy on a modern ergonomic-type chaise lounge…a piece of furniture that looks like it will be in the other episodes too.

The following week part 2 of Uncut Legends stars Damien Crosse and Rico Fatale in his debut. So obviously Damien is the “legend” here and shows it with another of his signature, wildly uninhibited and vocal scenes whether he’s top or bottom..or in this scene BOTH. We never tire of Damien and always get turned on even when he’s over the top.

Coming up: there are daddies and DILFs on the line-up including hot John Magnum in his first in over two years.


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