Titan Men’s LA Cruising Part 3

Bruce Beckham and Micah Brandt bring their muscles and considerable sexual energy to Titan Men this week in the third scene from LA Cruising, director Jasun Mark‘s love letter to Los Angeles AND cruising in unlikely places. After Koreatown in part 1 and East LA in part 2 the spotlight turns to Downtown LA in this next-to-last scene. Once again the cruising here happens by chance in an almost casual way, but when the guys get together it’s anything but casual.

It’s a warm sunny day in a less trafficked area of downtown LA and both Micah Brandt and Bruce Beckham walk down the sidewalk with their eyes facing forward and definitely not looking like they’re cruising one bit. In fact as they pass each other by next to a storage facility/warehouse (?) But after walking a few feet they both turn their heads to check each other out. They both turn around and meet up exchanging few if any words..but definitely the “look”. They walk away together with Bruce leading the way inside where they have some privacy and turn into sexual powerhouses.

Micah and Bruce are kiss hard and manhandle each other and their hard bodies. Shirts come off and and they genuinely look like their desire for each other is off the charts. Who knows, this may be true. The way Bruce Beckham pulls down the pants of Micah Brandt and tugs his own down right away is one sign. The other is Micah’s slight gasp and vaguely muttered “whoah!” as Bruce’s huge cock flops out and hangs there half-hard. And there’s the way Micah falls to his knees and starts sucking him.  This is no genteel hook up either. Bruce shoves his cock down Micah’s throat and makes him gag and his eyes roll, he cock slaps his face, bends down to kiss him and spits in his mouth. When Micah reaches up to slap his rock hard body, Bruce doesn’t back down.

What looks like a sign of dominance and strength Bruce brings Micah to his feet, kisses him hard and lifts him up by the legs. Not so easy to do. Micah is built and has massive legs to go with his huge bubble butt. Micah holds on tight with his legs wrapped around Bruce who reaches under and using both hand pries apart his ass cheeks and fingers his hole. As he does Micah growls and moans, just a fraction of the way he emotes during the heat of a scene. When he’s put down and he faces Bruce again and looks at Bruce’s cock his expression says, “I can’t get over how beautiful your cock is”. What happens though is that Bruce goes down on Micah and sucks him deeply.


The unpredictable nature of this scene is also what makes it hot. While getting sucked Micah reaches over and plays with Bruce’s hole and when they stand together again he kisses him  and grabs his ass hard. The dominance dynamic shifts as Bruce Beckham bends over and Micah Brandt rims him with authority. And when he’s done Micah starts to talk to Bruce in a forceful way. Bruce is practically begging to be fucked and who could possibly turn down THAT? Not Micah. He fucks Bruce from behind and really works up a sweat plunging in and out, hard and fast and slow. He’s totally in control and both are very vocal, another convincing sign of their chemistry..

Micah puts Bruce and his back and continues to fuck him hard and dirty. It’s not that we haven’t seen Micah as a top before but there’s something about his forcefulness here that seems new…and hot. He pumps him with deep, hard well-paced apart thrusts and is relentless. He fucks the cum out of Bruce and it appears that one of Micah’s thrust makes Bruce shoot higher and farther. They kiss in a much more romantic fashion, but they’re not done!

Micah gets on all fours and Bruce goes to town rimming him sweaty bubble butt hole. He gives Micah deep pleasure and if you have any doubt about this just listen to Micah. From there of course Bruce fucks him and gives it to him with the same passionate hardness that Micah gave him. And of course Micah Brandt is wildly vocal. At one point he rises up as he’s about to go over the edge. And on his knees he does shoot, so loudly and with such wild abandon you’re going to have to adjust your volume. Literally. He looks like he’s going to pass out but luckily Bruce Beckham is holding him up and kissing him on the neck.

Sometimes one match-up with two specific performers is enough. Sometimes despite the hot match-up yopu might lose interest and/or fast forward. Not here. And it’s satisfying abd yet still leaves us wanting more. That’s a good scene and we’d like to see these two again.

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