Next Door Studios In November 2017 Part 1

In our first look at new and upcoming releases at Next Door Studios this month there are several more new faces, a porn return, and several surprises. Among these surprises are returning guys who made solo debuts and who we really didn’t expect to see in full-on sex scenes. And once again we’re struck by the number of guys formerly from other sites who are filming with Next Door Studios these days. 

November started off with “Study Partners” features Mikey Jr and Eric Turner in his Next Door Studios debut. Eric is one of the aforementioned models who appeared elsewhere before this with several names. He first appeared as Eric at Corbin Fisher in 2014 but for some reason those scenes were taken down.  He next appeared as Shawn in a solo appearance at Sean Cody in early 2015. That summer he returned to CF for a handful of scenes before he resumed bodybuilding and modeling.  In September he returned to porn as Blake for Reality Dudes (we’ll see if there’s more to come). Now he’s here at Next Door Studios for this and at least one other scene later this month. It will be interesting if he gets paired with Calvin Chambers because they had a scene together at Corbin Fisher when Calvin was Colt.

Back to “Study Partners” Mikey & Eric are studying for a test, however Eric is preoccupied because he’s started dating a girl…and he’s a virgin. He’s simply afraid of embarrassing himself and cumming too soon. So, just like a good friend in many porn scenarios Mikey offers to help out his straight buddy by training him how to control his orgasm. Of course Mikey Jr is really the one in control sucking off muscle stud Eric Turner and bottoming for him. As we mentioned Eric will be in a scene later in the month…and he WILL be flipping.

Also out now is “Nervous Newbies” with Johnny Riley, Chris Blades and TJ Lee in his Next Door Studios debut. Actually tattooed TJ is is only new guy here…and the only was who’s nervous on his first gay experience…times two Johnny and Chris are on either side of him to help him along. They pretty much give him a first class debut in which he gets sucked off and fucks both guys in all kinds of positions. At the end TJ watches and strokes his cock as Chris rides Johnny and shoots his load.  Johnny does too but only after TJ Lee shoots a HUGE load.  “They all fall into each other and laugh at their successful cum party, kissing TJ and welcoming him to the club. ” When will we see more of TJ? Stay tuned…


Xander Brave also makes his Next Door Studios debut this week in the inter-generational family drama “Daddy’s Deep Dick” opposite Dean Phoenix. Xander comes home from school and finds only his mother’s masseur boyfriend Dean is there on his day off. Wouldn’t you know it but Xander complains of sore muscles and Dean offers his services. Xander is no innocent, tempting Dean with his nudity and growing cock during the massage. Wanna guess what happens…and will be happening in this house from now on?

In “Hand Jobs To Straight Ass” Dalton Riley pays a visit to old buddy Markie More knowing he’s alone and horny. Apparently these guys have be friends for a long time and Dalton sometimes comes over to give Markie a handjob. In this scene though Markie is interested in going further. First it’s mutual cocksucking and then it’s fucking…with Markie on the bottom.  Markie More looks hotter with every new video: sculpted muscular ripped and veiny body. And director Rocco Fallon sure knows how to make him look even hotter by the position he puts him in and the angles from which he shoots him. Stars come and go but Markie is #1 here for us.

Next week in “Visual Needs” Jordan Boss returns with his muscular body opposite Johnny Hill.  Johnny pops over to see Jordan’s new place and sees him flexing in the mirrors, admiring his own body and jerking off. Johnny accidentally hits the door and runs off but Jordan sees who it is. They run into each other outside, Jordan pretending he didn’t see Johnny and Johnny pretending he’ just arrived, This little game lasts for a little bit as Jordan shows Johnny around but eventually Johnny gets to enjoy Jordan’s body and Jordan gets to show it off and get fucked.

Next week also brings a can’t miss match-up of Markie More and Clark Campbell in a hot flip-fuck! In “Orgy Warm-Up” Clark (formerly Sean Cody’s Forrest) tells roomie Markie his plans for the night include his first orgy. When Markie learns it will have guys and girls he’s surprised and excited to learn Clark has fooled around with guys before. So he comes on to Clark who’s perfectly fine with the attention. They go up to the bedroom where they suck each other and Markie fucks hot bottom Forrest. Forrest flips him and they show off their versatile talent. Now, on to the orgy…for both of them!

In “Straight Up Cruisin’ “Mark Long and Dakota Young catch each other’s eyes at a beach side park and cruise each other using only the subtlest of physical gestures..but not one word. Mark follows Dakota back to his place and again without saying a word (at least in the trailer) they suck and fuck. Mark gives all of his hard cock to Dakota and their sunny afternoon ends in sexual satisfaction for both.

And at the end of next week Mikey Jr and Gunner star in “Sexually Frustrated” as bros who go out clubbing and get plastered…but don’t score. The next morning a still horny Mikey wakes up next to Gunner and thinking he’s still passed out tries to suck him. Gunner wakes up and tells him to keep going. He confesses to Mikey that the night before when he was drunk he offered to fuck Mikey.  Sober he still wants to do it AND he reciprocates Mikey’s cocksucking! Who needs to go out when there’s more fun at home!?

Coming up: more from Next Door Studios including TWO scenes from hot newbie Matty Strong, South American newbie Zev Hardy‘s first sex scene and more…Stay tuned…

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