Sean Cody: Frankie & Joe!

It may be too early to say that Sean Cody is experiencing a consistent revival of quality but there are some really good signs that this might be true. The latest example is Frankie & Joe, pairing the wildly energetic top and the bottom who can and WANTS to take it all. The first good sign is a distinct eagerness in both the guys during their interview on the baseball diamond. And Frankie really seems sincere in having the hots for Joe. This doesn’t always translate into a good scene but as it turns out this eagerness is merely a hint of what’s to come. 

After a little baseball it’s into the shower at the Sean Cody house. The second good sign is that Frankie is all over Joe once they get into the shower and his desire grows quickly. Speaking of growing the third good sign is that they’re both fully hard when their trunks come off.  Frankie turns on the water and is really into this sensual addition. Joe goes down on Frankie who is happily surprised with his talent. He even tries to raise the bar by making Joe choke on his cock.  That Joe is up to the task clearly impresses Frankie. As is the fact that after he brings him up for a passionate kiss and sits Joe on his cock he takes it all.

As we’ve seen before Joe is vocal during sex. As he rides Frankie and takes the jack-hammering of his cock he belts out some loud sounds. Plus he’s remains VERY hard and he rides Frankie hard in sync with his jack hammering rhythm. These two are tireless sex machines. They stand up and both are very vocal as Frankie fucks Joe from behind. Joe uses one arm for balance the other for jacking and he cums as he’s pounded with virtually little effort. He then gets on his knees for an intensely dramatic Frankie facial. Out of the shower Joe dries off Frankie, who is still a little cocky.

For round two they’re in bed where Frankie rims Joe, Joe sucks him back and then gets fucked in his back with a few variations. Frankie soon learns that Joe is agile and indeed can take all manner of power fucking..and no matter how rough Frankie’s passion gets. And Frankie turns out like it back in return, telling Joe to choke him. One of the niftier moments comes as Frankie bends in, kisses Joe and rolls them over so that Joe is on top riding his cock..with Frankie inside Joe throughout the transition. Joe leans back during this sequence for a visual pleasing configuration showing again that he can get fucked in any position without fail.

Their last position is a kind of sideways missionary: Joe on his back with Frankie fucking him sideways forming a T. This really works for Joe who is easy to please. He always seems to have no trouble cumming no matter the position. Frankie takes a little longer but it’s still intense and after he shoots his slides in his cock to rest inside a very happy Joe.  The behind the scenes epilogue provides some fun AND proof of the chemistry. These guys really like the other’s style and talents in bed. Joe was happy to get an aggressive top and Frankie was excited to get one of his best Sean Cody blowjobs! Side note #1: this was the 9th scene apiece for both guys! #2: One of the best filmed scenes in recent memory with no noticeable lighting problems, no sloppy camera work and glitch-free editing. More please!

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