Hot House’s Skuff: Dog House Part 3

Beaux Banks is a frisky pup and Seth Santoro his manly master this week at Hot House as Nick Foxx’s fetish flick Scruff: Dog House continues. The movie remains a wacky, yet  inexplicably appealing mix of humor and kink and it’s certainly even more appealing with the pairing of the two sexy and dynamic stars. Like the other cast members of Scruff: Dog House (so far), Seth and Beaux jump into their roles and have fun with this offbeat roleplay.

In this third scenario leatherman Seth Santoro takes pup Beaux Banks out on his leash and it’s not hard not notice that frisky Beaux doesn’t have to do much to make his butt-plug tail wag. His beautiful bubble butt can do it quite easily. Soon it’s bath time and pop Beaux climbs into a wading pool where Seth sponges him with water. In the course of the bath Beaux gets on all fours and wags his bubble butt some more. Beaux plays up his puppy role with enthusiasm some more when Seth kisses him and has him lick his pits. In addition to making dog whimpers Beaux paws at Seth’s chest (without gloves associated with some puppy play) He makes his way down Seth’s body and his bubble butt wags some more as he gets a whiff of Seth’s “bone”.

Seth Santoro finally lets out his cock so Beaux Banks can suck it through the opening in his pup mask. And for good measure Beaux sticks out his tongue more for the pup effect. He sucks him hungrily and noisily and Seth continuously gives him words of praise. Again we have to mention how hot Seth Santoro looks these days. It’s easy for the cameras to show his body in a good light because it is very appealing. When he removes his harness and shows his sculpted torso it’s very riveting. As we’ve mentioned before he’s grown as a performer over the few years he’s been around. Early on we couldn’t imagine him in a commanding role like this.

After lots of sucking Beaux is moved over to the tire swing where he holds on and bends over to be rimmed by Seth. From there Seth fucks him deep and hard and Beaux more recognizable moans and groans emanate from his mask. Beaux also uses his agile butt and uses it to fuck Seth’s cock with it. Seth fucks him back with the same speed and then order Beau to go halfway through the hanging tire swing so it becomes something of a sling. Seth fucks Beaux doggy style (no other way to phrase it) and Beaux again thrusts back on Seth’s cock. They go at it pretty intensely.

Surprisingly Beaux Banks keeps on his puppy mask as Seth Santoro jacks off above him and deposits a thick load which mostly winds up in Beaux’ mouth. Some dribbles down his leather mask ..which makes it stand out more. On his knees Beaux jacks his thick cock and cums over his thighs. Beaux has such a nice thick cock and big swinging low hangers but you don;t get to see then enough. Here you do. And at the end he gets a grateful kiss. And of course a “good boy” from his master Seth.

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