Falcon Premieres Love & Lust In New Orleans

Tyler Roberts & Wesley Woods are featured this week as Falcon Studios has premiered the debut scene from the new movie Love & Lust in New Orleans directed by award-winners Tony Dimarco and Chi Chi LaRue!  The first scene has the guys in a “sudsy union in a New Orleans bathtub” , getting together to  “find all the love and lust they need.” The premiere scene on the Falcon Studios site this week will be followed next week with the same day release of the movie on DVD along with scene downloads at the Falcon Studios Group Store.

Love & Lust in New Orleans is a kind of reunion for Chi Chi LaRue and the city of New Orleans as the director and John Rutherford co-helmed the classic 2002 Falcon two-parter Deep South: The Big & The Easy.  While both productions were shot on location in New Orleans, the new movie is not a sequel to the 2002 story-driven potboiler. Instead the new movie is series of various sexual encounters in the Big Easy. That said the scenes might be interconnected because two of the performers Wesley Woods & Kurtis Wolfe appear in two scenes apiece. Stay tuned.

Back to the premiere scene we find Tyler Roberts and Wesley Woods taking in the sights New Orleans and their video montage is accompanied with appropriate music. Then we find Tyler Roberts playing with a very thick, ab-slapping boner. He doesn’t get very far before Wesley Woods comes off the balcony of their hotel room and finds Tyler and his cock. There’s a playful chemistry between the two guys who are obviously more than traveling buds. A passionate kiss is followed by Tyler standing in the tub and Wesley’s mouth enveloping the thick shaft, happily and hungrily.  Soon enough the kissing resumes and Wesley’s shirt comes off. Once again the playful chemistry shines through as Wesley, still wearing shorts, gets into the tub with Tyler for more kissing and sucking.

This light-hearted tone to the scene is such a pleasing and welcome way for the movie to begin. Soon enough Tyler Roberts wants to reciprocate and gets Wesley’s shorts off of him. He licks his cock through his translucent undies then pulls out his cock. We like that Wesley Woods isn’t hard here. It’s hotter to watch Tyler suck him and see Wesley’s cock get hard. Still looking happy and playful Wesley goes after Tyler’s hairy ass to rim him and suck him some more. When Tyler returns the favor, he finally gets Wesley’s underwear off to rim AND finger his tight hole..much to Wesley’s obvious pleasure. It’s here where the guys get more serious as it feels like they’re taking things to another level.

They take matter into the bedroom when Wesley gets on all fours at the edge of the bed. Tyler resumes rimming and soon slowly slides his thick cock into Wesley. Wesley Woods shows us how Tyler’s cock feels through his facial expressions and his increasingly loud vocals. As the same time Tyler Roberts fucks him deeply and rather relentlessly, keeping it going as Wesley gets louder. Wesley may sound like he’s getting fucked by something huger than he can handle but he clearly asks for more…and Tyler delivers.

A couple of position changes soon occur with Wesley riding Tyler’s cock first then getting fucked on his back. It’s in this position that Wesley Woods shoots, an orgasm whose intensity comes through the screen loud and clear. Tyler Roberts responds by giving a facial. It’s a good thing that the camera is in the right position otherwise Tyler thick cock might have hidden Wesley’s face!  They share another passionate kiss and in this one scene we see the movie title shine through.

Director Tony Dimarco adds, “First and foremost, this scene showcases Tyler and Wesley in a hot bathtub scene. Secondary to the sex but intricate to the story, we showcase the amazing city of New Orleans, where every day something amazing and sexy can happen and the lines between love and lust get blurry.”

Coming up at the Falcon Studios site next week it’s Sean Zevran and Cooper Dang followed in consecutive Fridays with Skyy Knox & Michael Delray;and JJ Knight and cover model Pierce Paris. On Cyber Monday November 27 Wesley Woods is back in an all-oral poolside scene with Kurtis Wolfe and on December 1 Kurtis is back for the finale with Brent Corrigan. We’ll have more on the whole movie coming soon.

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