Cocky Boys: Alex Mecum & Taylor Reign!

We don’t have to tell you that Cocky Boys latest release is hot. It’s obvious simply because of the match-up itself of super-sexy and talented Taylor Reign and Alex Mecum. Even Taylor went into this scene confident that this would be an “amazing” scene.  Even with this certainty, the guys still manage to make this hotter than expected…and in a different way than you might have anticipated This is the Cocky Boys way: to prime you for a scene and make it hard to predict thew content and outcome.

Yes, we knew that in the introduction Taylor Reign and Alex Mecum would have very nice things to say about one another both in their physical traits and their personalities.  But there are also some details in their conversation in this intro that intrigue us. For example Alex is learning French (we can guess why), and at the party Taylor was making cock rings  when they met this past summer at the Camp CockyBoys party. Combine this with his body painting for Colby Knox‘s Batman & Robin parody and we’re finding out that Taylor is a burgeoning artist.

What the introduction doesn’t really prepare you for is the remarkable way this scene unfolds In the hotel room (?) Alex and Taylor engage in exceptionally sensuous and patient, yet passionate foreplay. They don’t even kiss or take off their clothes right way! There’s lots of touching and caressing, starting with Alex feeling up Taylor from behind. When they kiss Taylor makes his way up Alex’s torso and actually makes him tremble vocally. Taylor uncovers Alex’s magnificent chest and sucks on his hairy sculpted pecs and lightly nibbles on his pink nipples. You won’t necessarily get this until you see it but this slow style (and the fact the guys remain clothed) creates such a sense of anticipation it’s exciting.

When Alex gently gets Taylor on the bed to kiss him the shirts finally come off. Taylor goes back to feeling up Alex’s hard pecs and sucking on his nipples and Alex then lies him back and kisses his torso. His mouth makes its way down to Taylor’s crotch. He unbuttons his pants and reveals the purple jock strap that we caught a glimpse of earlier. And out of the corner of the pouch Taylor’s cockhead is poking out. Alex utters an excited chuckle at seeing this and then teases that engorged head. You can see he’s being quite playful and yet he keeps up the slow sensuous pace going the way he takes out Taylor’s cock and sucks it and his balls. It’s so refreshing to see porn move at this pace.

Even when Alex Mecum sucks off Taylor Reign he breaks it up with a little kissing interlude in which he grinds his cock a little. And when he goes back to sucking him Taylor reciprocates by sucking Alex’s fingers. Eventually though Alex gives him his cock ..but in a different way. He stands back and takes off his shorts to reveal he’swearing a colorful jock strap too. Like Taylor he leaves it on but pulls the waistband down under his cock and balls…which showcases them even more. He then feeds and face fucks Taylor before sitting up and pulling his cock and balls through the pouch. He moves up so Taylor can suck him again, lick his big balls and reach up to play with his nipples.

The video is already half over (it’s over a half hour) before Alex turns Taylor over and rims him, pulling the straps of his jock to let his cock and balls rest behind him. And again Alex takes his time, injecting affection into the art of rimming. It sure does the trick because Taylor gets harder and stays hard. Alex teases his hole with his own ever-ready cock and humps his crack before finally entering him. You don;t actually see the penetration except on a close-up of Taylor’s face. Again so effective. Alex moves his whole over close to Taylor and uses his strong hips and ass to thrust deep into him. Actually he uses his whole body and picks up the scene’s momentum..and increases the passionate energy.

Eventually Alex takes off Taylor’s jock strap, slipping it off and tosses it aside…as he does with his own once he turns Taylor over on his back. He doesn’t quite go right back into fucking Taylor. He kneels above him like a conquering hero and it looks like he’s slightly flexing. Looking up at broad-shouldered Alex from Taylor’s point of view must be pretty-awe-inspiring. It’s a view very few will ever see and Taylor utters “Damn, that body” Alex finally enters him deep and fucks the limber Taylor with the kind of dominance he likes to get.

At the end of this super-hot session Alex fucks Taylor from behind and sideways, sometimes grasping his cock and jacking it for him. Taylor takes cock in hand though and pumps out shot after after of creamy cum all over his abs as Alex pumps into him. Very shortly after that Alex Mecum kneels above Taylor Reign and his cock erupts in a gushing cum geyser. That IS expected. They kiss once more and though Taylor says, “fuck that was hot” we can see on his face how satisfied he is. This will have to rank as one of the best scenes ever for BOTH guys.

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