Sean Cody: Jess & Hector

Putting it simply, the newest Sean Cody scene with Jess & Hector is a huge disappointment. Had it not followed one of the best scenes of the year and not featured two of the site’s best performers we might have looked on it more kindly. That said, it would still suffer from some visual issues thanks to it being filmed outdoors under the very bright Palm Springs sun. So the performances from another pairing would have to be really good to overcome this. If there were no technical issues you’d still have Jess and Hector who were simply miscast together.

There are several questions we would ask Sean Cody. Did Hector request Jess? Maybe he did and/or though he could handle him. But he doesn’t seem ready to bottom for him. As we’ve seen Jess is a take control, hard-driving top. From what we’ve seen so is Hector. So he would have had to relinquish control of the action here to Jess….which he doesn’t look comfortable doing. When he rides Jess’ cock he doe seem more empowered. But he just doesn’t seem into the whole thing. We can’t really blame Hector if this wasn’t his choice. We do give credit to Jess for trying his best even when the compatibility is minimal.

Earlier in the week we were thinking that in spite of some really good scenes there might still be some problematic scenes coming from Sean Cody and we were right.  We still remain hopeful that the good scenes in the future will outnumber the not-so good ones. We sure hope Jess is still around to film a better scene to make us forget this one. By the way Jess is now #6 (tied with Brodie) on our Sean Cody model list. We’re still hoping that a pairing with Joey is going to happen.

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