Colby Knox’s Halloween Super-Hero Sex Fest Pt 3

Colby Knox‘s super-hero cosplay series The Adventures of Batman and Robin (A Colby Knox Parody) concludes this week with Jack Hunter finally appearing as Batman and answering the burning question “Will the Caped Crusader save the day and rescue Robin?” Let’s just say he comes to the rescue because there are a few twists in this hot finale. And really, because it looks like everyone had some fun making this series it’s also fun to watch.

After a brief recap of the first two episodes Batman (Jack Hunter in a costume featuring elaborate body painting by Taylor Reign) arrives at the hideout where the the two masked Gotham City criminals are holding Robin (Christian Bay). Mickey Knox (as the puppy-playing sidekick to henchman Colby Chambers) is on guard duty but is quickly dispatched by Batman. When Batman tries to enter the building he triggers the booby trap: green gas which when inhaled, as we saw in part 1, turns the person into a very uninhibited sex machine. So when Batman enters the room and sees a bound Robin bent over and bare-assed he goes right to the tempting target.

Fortunately Robin is alone because he calls Batman by his real name Bruce. It doesn’t help though because Batman is under the influence of the green gas. He fondles Robin;’s bubble butt, pulls down his own trunks and begins fucking him. It only gets hotter too because Colby Chambers struts in, not surprised by what he sees. And suddenly Batman steps away moves to the front and face fucks Robin…while Colby confidently fucks his ass.

Colby Chambers plays such a wickedly sexy villain  gets off by fucking Robin while he sucks Batman. But also he is in control of Batman. Just as he taunted Robin, Colby does a little mind control on Batman. He orders him to take off his mask while Robin pleads with Batman not to listen. Looking triumphant Colby steps back as Jack/Batman comes around and fucks Christian/Robin on his back…while Colby fucks Jack. This continues for a bit and Colby relishes it all.

At one point Colby moves to the front and face fucks Christian, taunting him and making him cum, pointing out how much he resisted in the beginning. Christian shoots a big juicy load and then virtually begs for Colby to shoot on him. Colby gives him a thick facial and soon after, like a devil on his shoulder, urges Jack to cum on Christian. However, he’s not jacking his cock. It’s Christian who is stroking Jack to a jumbo orgasm, milking every drop over his face and neck.

There’s a fade-out but it’s not the end. There’s a short clip after the fade-out that leaves a cliffhanger…and points to a possible sequel with another character involved. HOT! Congrats to Mickey, Colby, Jack, Christian, and Taylor. Good job!

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