Men At Play: Check In/Check Out

This week Seth Santoro joins the list of hot American stars who have crossed the Atlantic to appear at classic site Men at Play. These days there are quite a number of scenes featuring Seth Santoro …who just keeps looking hotter and turning in some dynamic scenes.  His Men at Play scene “Check In/Check Out” would certainly be considered one of the standouts.  It co-stars dominant stud Manuel Skye, another busy man these days ..whose mouth-watering muscles are always worth checking out. Men at Play has many highlights this years as they celebrates their 15th Anniversary and this scene may turn out to be one of them.

In the scene Manuel Skye is a well-dressed man on a business trip for some kind of presentation. The details are virtually unimportant. He tries to check in to his business suite but  Seth Santoro, the young man who is supposed to let him in and provide paperwork on the business matter is late. Seth apologizes, uses several excuses and remains a little scattered. Manuel maintains a cool demeanor and Seth leaves. Men at Play then provides viewers with some erotic eye candy as Manuel Skye strips down and takes a slow sensuous shower. It couldn’t be more beautifully shot.

Manuel eventually gets out of the shower but hears a noise and when he struts into the suite wearing nothing but a towel Seth Santoro is back again. He’s nervously putting into the folder paperwork he forgot earlier.  He’s about to leave but powerful businessman Manuel Skye tells him to stay and seduces him with very little effort. Seth may be taller but it doesn’t matter Soon they’re kissing, he’s playing with Manuel’s cock, and with Manuel’s hands helping him, Seth goes down on his thick cock. Manuel feeds him his cock AND balls, and shows who is in control.

Soon Manuel opens up Seth’s shirt to show off his off body and then he goes down on Seth. One of the scene’s hot visual moments happens as Seth Santoro watches himself getting sucked off in the nearby mirror and it obviously turns him on more. The energy level of this scene is quite lively and such a contrast from the cool appearing demeanor Manuel Skye shows in the first part of the scene as he analyzes Seth. That’s obviously gone as he bends Seth over the sofa and rims his hot ass.

Of course Manuel fucks Seth over the sofa and dominates his ass with hard, deep plowing. Soon he takes of the rest of Seth’s clothes and lets him ride his cock he thrusts in. Again the mirror comes into play here to enhance the experience for the guys.. Manuel Skye is a sex machine and he’s a relentless top. He fucks a vocal Seth Santoro on his back and makes him cum. But the WOW moment comes as Manuel jerks off and a massive, multi-pump thick load shoots out of his cock all over Seth’s body. Manuel produces some of the best cumshots in porn. Definitely a category they should put into awards shows.

At the end they kiss and it appears there’s no more nervousness and cool’s satisfied, affectionate passion. More of Seth Santoro to come at Men at Play? Stay tuned..

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