New Faces For November 2017 Part 1

As mentioned last time the promising newcomers we’re spotlighting through the end of the year will likely have more impact in 2018..if that. There was a scant number of newcomers from October & November 2016 that has staying power in 2017. So few in fact that we had to combine October & November in our upcoming “new faces revisited” post. As for this week’s selection there are a number of bisexual dudes and several who are assured of coming back sooner or later.

Regan at Sean Cody. In his photos this baby-faced muscle jock looks like he could be related to Matt Damon but that impression goes away when you see his video. Visiting from a small town on the east coast, Regan gets hit on by guys and girls and in his eyes he thinks both genders generally have the wrong unfavorable impression of him. That said he admits he’s a heartbreaker.  He’s 6′ tall but because of his muscle mass (he works out a LOT) he appears a little shorter.

Regan is bisexual and has had experiences with guys and girls. Like many have said before Regan acknowledges that guys are better at blowjobs. If he returns, and it sounds like he’s open to it he’s interested in smaller guys that he can manhandle and toss around. If that’s his goal let’s hope that Sean Cody shows him clips of manhandlers like Jack and Daniel ,so he can emulate but not copy them.

Neil at Corbin Fisher. This tall and lean-muscled  polite Southern boy is very active and athletic, into the great outdoors…and fun behind closed doors. He mentions being on a softball team and hints that there may be more going on with the team members. Neil doesn’t come right out and say he’s gay but we can read between the lines. As the scene goes on you don’t have to read between the becomes quite clear.

Neil is an exhibitionist and has jacked off in front of others..but not in front of a camera. You wouldn’t know it because he’s very demonstrative, almost dramatic as a performer. Abd apparently CF thinks he’s “eager to prove himself.” So he ads a toy to the action, fucking himself with it and making himself cum. “What really struck us is that he kept playing with his ass even after he’d came, leaving him a spasming, moaning, out of breath mess right until the end!” More please!

Lenny at Chaos Men.  This bisexual stud was actually introduced during last week after the studio’s Monster Cock Marathon. Like the scene summary says Lenny is rough around the edges looks-wise but is actually  “super sweet and polite.”  He implies he prefers girls but has done more than mess around with guys. Site owner Bryan describes Kenny as seeming “shy for the video, but was turned-on immediately to stroke for us. He strips down on his own, and lubes his cock, ready to go!”

It wasn’t too difficult to get a porn for Lenny to watch because he doesn’t watch porn! “He is used to standing while jerking-off, flexing his calves as a trigger to nut. He unloads on the bed spread, in stealth mode, quietly grunting out his load. You can tell he does not have a lot of privacy when he jerks-off at home!” Will he be back? No clue yet.

Thompson at Chaos Men. Another bi guy although with Thompson it feels more genuine than that of Lenny. That said we agree with Bryan that Thompson may lean towards to male side of the bisexual spectrum and may “evolve” as he gets older. He gets turned on by girls but doesn’t describe his type. On the other hand he’s more specific, mentioning he likes muscular guys. As for HIS porn selection Thompson watched bi-porn. So we’ll just have to see how he is if he returns.

“He prefers to top, but for big muscular or hairy guys he likes to bottom. Thompson is definitely an exhibitionist. He was very turned-on for this video, and actually did not spend too much time watching the video. He also has a terrific cum shot, coating his chest and torso with a huge load!” His future here? TBD.

Bradley Whitman at Gay Hoopla.  It feels like this tall, tan, handsome and hung newbie may become one of the site’s stars. At least Gay Hoopla sure seems to be giving him a build-up of sorts. There’s lots going on in his scene.  We seem him on his drive to the shoot (with Derek Jones as a new videographer), in the gym beforehand, the solo itself, and a post-scene epilogue. One of Bradley’s more camera-ready traits is his big, mushroom head cock. There are times in porn when someone is described as big but Bradley really is. In fact this was a problem for him trying to have sex for the first time.

“Bradley is long and lean. Chiseled abs and just a bit of hair leading down to his crotch. He starts out his solo like all the new guys do… just a bit of that ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this’ as he reaches down to his swelling dick. But once his dick gets hard, he finds his comfort zone and shows us just how big that thing gets. Bradley’s dick is long… and big. Even on his tall 6′ frame, his dick looks big. We estimate about 8” or more. A full double-fister. His smooth, tanned body pumps and flexes as he jerks himself. Once he stands up, we get a look at that hairy ass crack and hole that he’s been hiding.

“While he’s humping the pillow, we get a great shot of all that thick, curly hair down there and in his pits. No trimming for Bradley, it’s all just natural. We can’t wait to see one of our guys get their dick in that. Rolling over onto his back, Bradley starts to double-fist jerk his dick as his heavy breathing increases. He loves to play with the head of his dick to work himself off and we get a big load spurting out all over his abs and pecs. Even after blowing a load, his dick stays hard.” He’s a good showman too by the way.

As we mentioned there’s an epilogue but it’s also a preview of things to come. In the bathroom  Bradley is prepping for a bottoming scene with Derek by using a buttplug As he says “I’m trying to build a passage.” As GH says, “He’s a bit nervous but thinks it’s ‘gonna be fun.’ This Behind-The-Scenes interaction is one of the hottest parts. Especially when we see Derek right at the end putting a butt plug in his own hole… this is gonna be a flip scene. ‘You think you’re dick is bigger than that?’ Derek asks. ‘Yeah,’ laughs Bradley, ‘I think so.’ Now Derek is nervous…”. Not us. We’re excited!

Ash at Guys In Sweatpants. This handsome young and hung newcomer is from a small town North Carolina and as we found out his scene with Austin Wilde it’s his first time in front of a camera. He’s a natural though in spite of a little nervousness..which in fact comes off as very sweet. He’s an artistic type, into yoga (and he shows some definite flexibility) and a versatile top. He has bottomed and likes it but admits it requires a lot of prep. For his first scene though he does bottom for Austin..and  he’s eager for it.  Austin has been promoting this scene for a while and seems to thinkhe has poerntial. We’ll have more on Ash’s scene coming up.

Eric Turner at Next Door Studios. We already spotlighted this muscle hunk in our Next Door previews post but we’re bringing him up here again. As we mentioned Eric only new to Next Door Studios, not porn. He appeared as Eric at Corbin Fisher in 2014 and a year later but also as Shawn at Sean Cody in early 2015. In September he returned to porn as Blake for Reality Dudes. As mentioned he’s a model and competition bodybuilder. He’s also a pretty soft-spoken young man and from our experience, he’s also been a nice guy. We have the impression he’s not going to be doing this for very long,but we’ve been wrong before.

Jason Richards at Active Duty. Handsome, hung (with big bouncing balls) 26 year old  with broad shoulders and solid muscular frame. He’s 185lbs and looks like he could put more muscle quite easily. Jason has a very easy smile and it feels like he is quite pleased and without any nervousness at jerking off for the cameras. “Jason gives us a small introduction and soon after his clothes are gone revealing his amazing physique. His ripped abs are out of a movie and his cock is almost perfection. Once you take your eyes off this sexy man’s hard cock you will see his gigantic full balls hanging.Claude as always gives us the most epic view of his manly sexy balls with a close up shot. You can see the ridges and the girth of those beauties as he strokes his long hard dick.

“Jason eye fucks the camera from time to time as he continues to show off his balls and sexy throbbing cock. His firm muscular thighs are hard to miss as he stands tall stroking his big dick. He lays out on the couch legs spread wide stroking fast and slow building up those beautiful nuts.The anticipation of waiting for Jason to unload those full balls has finally come as he tugs away a couple more times and he releases his thick creamy load. His cum oozes out from his throbbing cock leaving a thick trail of amazing cum that those big balls were holding in. We can’t wait to have him back again in some steamy duo action.” Now THAT sounds good!

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