In November 2017 Part 2

In our second look at new and upcoming releases at this month there are DILFs, a daddy, a dick, a pervert, and more. There’s another new series but mostly there are stand alone scenes in the group of previews. AND, though there are still some empty slots in the roster of upcoming releases has already announced what one will be. However there may still be a last minute change so we’ll also leave hat slot open for now.

“Secret Spa” may sound it could be an alternate version of the Griffin Barrows series Retreat Yo’Self also running this month but it’s quite different. Jack Hunter has a new massage business and he has lots of moral support from Leo Luckett and his wife. Also some immoral support. When the wife leaves her husband in Jack’s capable hands the massage quickly turns into hot liaison. Will Jack and Leo get to the happy ending before the wife returns?

Marc MacNamara’s flair for sexual farces shows up again in “My Turn” with Max Wilde, Tobias, & Vadim Black.  Max comes over to see his new boyfriend Vadim and meets his video-game playing roommate Tobias. While waiting for Vadim to show up the guys play video games and get frisky.  When Vadim shows up Tobias & Max manage to avoid getting caught. Max & Vadim then go at it but Tobias distracts Vadim so he and Max cab resume fucking. This time Vadim catches them, but it’s all cool because this is Vadim’s fantasy! And so the the game of hide & seek becomes a three-way! has another sex farce with “Neighborhood Pervert” played by..who else?..Johnny Rapid! Johnny gets caught fucking another guy’s boyfriend and is chased with a baseball bat. Johnny is given refuge by a studly Hunter Adrian in his site debut as horny husband whose wife wants to watch TV. So Hunter gets Johnny to suck him off. Johnny & Hunter start to go at it in the bathroom when the bat-wielding husband comes a-calling. He and Hunter’s wife go out looking for the pervert, leaving Johnny & Hunter to go at it. Spoiler alert: they get caught!

The new anthology The DILF Diaries begins with a series of hot dad and horny lads from director Edward James. In part 1 Beaux Banks will get to suck off his buddy Johnny Rapid  if he wins a video game..but he loses. However he’s still horny and jacks off while alone just as Johnny’s hot dad John Magnum (returning to porn) arrives home. Caught in the act Beaux is embarrassed but that’s okay with John! Beaux sucks him and gets fucked hard by him. A VERY hot match-up.

Coming up in part 2 Xavier Ryan tries to secretly see his girlfriend only to be caught her her angry dad Michael Roman. He tells the horny young man his daughter will NOT Be seeing him again and he sends her away. Ad apparently wants Xavier all to himself. He gets the guy to suck him and then Michael fucks his daughter’s bedroom!

There’s lots of dirty talk and hot passionate sex in the Gods of Men scene when Jay James meets up with Pierre Fitch.  You don’t get to see much dialogue in a GOM scene but a director can’t make a passionate scene with Pierre without his getting verbal and vocal. Super-hot.

“Daddy Gets Seconds” features a DILF, an inter-generational taboo and plenty of big hard muscles. Jack Cross bring his muscled boyfriend William Seed home, trying to sneak him into his bedroom past stepdad hairy muscled, surly Marco Vallant in his debut. Jack and William manage to get in a good fuck and after they’re done William tries to sneak out. Not so fast! Marco wants HIS turn and puls him into bed to start having sex. Of course Jack catches them…and joins in!

Lastly (for now) in Edward James’ “Pool Dick” Johnny Rapid plays a game of sexual stakes pool against cocky Jordan Levine . Jordan wins and fucks Johnny in the pool hall , but really Johnny doesn’t really lose does he?

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