Cocky Boys: Justin & Ollie!

There’s something about the looks of Justin Matthews which evokes “classic” gay porn of the 70s/80s and it seems even stronger this week at Cocky Boys . In the new scene Justin is paired with Ollie, who also has a semi-classic look, and it was filmed on Fire Island, certainly a well-known longtime porn location. In fact as many of you know, one of the original porn classics 1971’s Boys In The Sand by Wakefield Poole was shot here. Some of the outdoor video montage here also has a retro feel to it, although we wouldn’t say it’s an intentional homage to Poole’s movie.  It’s more a fleeting reference since most of the scene has the modern day Cocky Boys touch.

In the introduction Ollie tells us how he thinks Justin Matthews is sexy and the positions Ollie likes when he’s with a bottom. So of course you know we’re going to see it in the scene. You have to really appreciate that Ollie knows his mind, knows what he likes and goes for it. And when he gets verbal, as he certainly does here, he feels natural rather than part of a performance. Justin may not contribute to the introduction but he has his say here in the scene too as you’ll see.

There’s a carefree element of fun here in the first part of the scene as the guys play on the beach. This includes Justin Matthews taking off his shorts and running about naked.  That’s another thing about Justin.  Although he has a board shorts tan here he looks like the type that would be a nudist. Here he and Ollie find an interesting place to fool around on the beach and have privacy. It looks like a whole bunch of broken branches piled in a such a way to make a little cave. They kiss and Justin takes out Ollie’s cock and sucks him for a bit and, with Ollie in agreement, suggests the go back to the beach house.

There’s a very nice sun deck at the location house where Cocky Boys shot this, so while it is outdoors it’s not rustic.  Here on the deck they sit back on a day bed and suck each other off. Justin Matthews goes first and pretty much satisfies Ollie with his thorough technique. You know Ollie loves it because as we mention he’s very verbal. So is Justin, contrary to the perception that he’s a fairly quiet-low-key guy.

The long sucking session segues into Ollie fucking Justin on his back. Ollie starts off slow but he goes in deep without hesitation. Justin moans and gasps as he’s fucked and Ollie goes faster and deeper. But Justin take some control and tells him to slow it down. He gets on all fours and seems to be soothed somewhat by Ollie rimming him. There’s actually a look of pleasurable relief on Justin’s face. It seems like he needed a break.

Of curse Ollie resumes fucking Justin from behind and again goes deep and hard. Two things worth nothing here. The camera captures Ollie’s deep penetration and it’s causing Justin to leak pre-cum. It’s very hot. Secondly while Justin may have wanted Ollie to slow down before now it’s clear his deep pounding is getting him closer to cumming. And he says so. When he hears this Ollie says no and decides to slow it all down by getting Justin to ride his cock. This position of watching a bottom on top was one of the “likes” he mentioned in the introduction and now he gets it. Justin sure seems to like this position too.

At one point it looks like Justin is going to cum hands free but he instead finds just the right position and jerks off a huge load on Ollie’s muscular body. Ollie rubs it all over himself and jacks off his own load over the first coating. At the end they kiss and look super-satisfied and remarkably calm. We wouldn’t say that Ollie and Justin had the kind of chemistry here that we could see translate into anything happening between them off camera. But it’s only because we know little about Ollie and Justin Matthews is something of an enigma. We haven’t quite figured him out yet.

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