Guys In Sweatpants: Austin & Ash!

After a very nice multiple day build-up Guys In Sweatpants finally introduced sexy newcomer Ash and it should come as no surprise that he exceeds expectations in many ways. As you can see he’s good-looking and photogenic with a great smile; he has a natural, lean-muscled body; and a big, thick cock. So far, so good. But as we all know there are many guys who look good but fall short in personality and/or on-camera performing ability. Not so with Ash. As we have seen on countless occasions Guys In Sweatpants star and owner Austin Wilde has the knack for finding guys with “it”…like Ash. AND…to reinforce that Austin fucks him in his first appearance

The introduction/interview (which Austin does so well) gives us our first chance to get to know Ash and build up our interest in him. He’s sweet and sexy, refreshingly candid and modest. He prefers to top but he also likes to bottom and simply doesn’t do it because it requires more prep work. He’s a grower and shows us his “little” dick to prove it. Actually it looks smaller because of his balls. He’s also very limber which it certainly good for sex…but also for making basic body movement feel erotic…as we see early on.

The scene starts out with plenty of kissing which is an absolute must. It’s also a nice way building anticipation to the reveal of Ash’s growing cock….which sure isn’t “little” any more. Austin gives Ash a thorough blow job which includes attention to his balls as well as the cock… and it gets even bigger. Ash reciprocates and does a decent job, using his mouth and hands. Ash may not be used to a cock this size but he keeps at it. He too is very thorough as time goes on (at one point it looks like he gets close to deep-throating Austin.

At one point Austin kisses him again and brings Ash into position to ride his cock. Here again the realness of Guys In Sweatpants, one of the site’s exceptional qualities, comes into play. Not used to bottoming Ash needs to work his way Austin’s cock at his own pace. And this is hotter than him sliding down the pole without any effort. When he Ash gets his cock in he starts to work on Austin who is very patient.  Soon they begin to work together with Austin fucking and Ash riding. We know it feels good because Ash gets very vocal. Austin pounds harder and they really get a hot groove going.

Although we don’t full get to see what Guys In Sweatpants describes (“Ash’s cock seemed to get harder and harder the further it went in.”  we do hear and see from Ash’s body movements that he’s really into this this. The site also tells us that “They filmed this all in one take” !  Austin finishes off Ash by fucking him on his back and it doesn’t last long beyond this point.  Austin helps this by momentarily choking Ash becomes seconds after releasing his hand Ash shoots a big load! Austin follows soon after, using Ash’s cum as lube and intensifying the scene with a few extra touches. Ash DOES looked wiped out after this so we’ll have to see if he;s up for more. Stay tuned…

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