Titan Men’s LA Cruising Finale!

Adam Ramzi and Dakota Rivers are the last pair to hook up in the LA Cruising finale, new this week at Titan Men and the neighborhood director Jasun Mark has placed the hunky duo is Silverlake Hills, an adjunct to Silverlake. By the way, Titan Men viewers will recall this area of LA was previously in the spotlight in the semi-autobiographical Silverlake ,serialized on a monthly basis during the summer & fall of 2016. AND, it was also a side-sequel to the Cauke For President saga. As director Jasun’s home neighborhood it makes perfect sense that it’s the focus here once again.

As with the last episode Adam and Dakota pass by each other but this time it’s a narrow sidewalk where it’s impossible not to have some contact. The attraction is instant and after a little kissing Dakota takes Adam through a shortcut to what we assume is his place. By the way we knew Dakota was a tall man but we had assumed Adam wasn’t that far off. It doesn’t appear that way so we’re a little curious as to how tall Dakota Rivers really is.  From a patio then up a flight of outdoor stairs they kiss again and Dakota takes Adam into a home gym area. They waste little time with Dakota going down on Adam’s cock…which is up and ready as usual, at least as far we know.

Adam Ramzi gets his shot at sucking Dakota Rivers and he adds a bit more emotion and passion to the simple act. It’s not criticism but Dakota is more of a let’s get down to business type, expressing himself with restrained intensity. On the other hand Adam gasps and moans when sucking Dakota’s long thick tool and is more animated. We just prefer his style. Dakota does show a little surprise when Adam stands up pushes Dakota on his knees to suck him more. He does, then Adam goes back down and sucks. AND, Dakota goes back for another round. He’s also a bit more lively now. And during all this there’s a little ass play (Dakota fingering Adam) and lots of kissing.

Adam then gets on all fours so Dakota can rim him and fuck him. Again it’s mostly Adam who provides the lively vocal intensity to the scene. And it never wanes as he’s fucked from behind, he rides Dakota’s cock AND he lies on his back to get plowed. Adam Ramzi has always been an intensely expressive performer and he often gives viewers something unexpected. He as he’s fuck he barely touches his cock…until it’s time. And then he shoots a nice load over his furry abs, once more with vocal accompaniment.

Dakota Rivers, still the enigmatic top, then pulls out and he steps up and gives the scene one of its dramatic highlights. He shoots very far: hitting Adam in the face and head and lets some more land on Adam’s body. Adam sure is impressed and with cum still on his head he kisses Dakota and sucks his cock clean….and they kiss again. Over all Adam Ramzi owns the scene but Dakota Rivers regains some points by his livelier than usual sucking. And his cumshot is totally a redeeming moment. A good end to a fun series.

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