Coming Up: Naked Sword & PinkX’s Paris Perfect!

Naked Sword has announced that next week they’ll be premiering Paris Perfect, described as their biggest production of the year! According to the newsletter the studio teamed up with their French counterpart PinkX and filmed this all-star extravaganza on location in Paris.  They boldly say, “Paris Perfect is well… PERFECT!” Sister Roma adds “This is one of my favorite Naked Sword movie we’ve ever made. Please watch!” It stars Colton Grey (in a dual role?), Johnny V, superstar François Sagat, Trenton Ducati, Theo Ford, Gabriel CrossDenis Vega, and Dani Robles!

Directed by mr Pam, Paris Perfect is a farcical sex comedy and really does look like fun.  After getting dumped unceremoniously by rich boyfriend Trenton Ducati, Colton Grey takes his frequent flyer card and buys tickets to Paris for himself and buddy Johnny V. Once there getting accommodations isn’t so easy. On the street Theo Ford thinks Colton is someone else named Mr Ferrand and they wind up in a penthouse and get swept up into “the adventure of a lifetime.”

“A case of mistaken identity whisks the young Americans off to a gorgeous penthouse and thrusts them into a series of misadventures involving a horny French butler, a stolen iPhone, two Spanish hitmen, a British grudge fuck, and an international adult Superstar. In the end debts are paid, everyone gets laid and dreams are made in Paris Perfect!” More to come…

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