Hot House’s Skuff: Dog House Part 4

There’s a Wolf among the pups this week at Hot House in the 4th scene from Skuff: Dog House. It’s Austin Wolf who naturally takes the master role in this fetish saga, with Danny Gunn as his pup. But not is all what you might assume. As he often does with his thematic movies director Nick Foxx changes things up here somewhat significantly here.  The puppy play theme is virtually non-existent in this scene, with Danny a leather sub to muscle giant Austin as the leather dom. AND, in keeping with this more serious tone, the action takes place inside cartoon-like house seen in the first three scenes.

Actually, the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse house and yard set does appear in the beginning of the year to establish the interior location. Austin Wolf struts his stuff into the house where his “pup” Danny Gunn is in a cage. Austin lets him out, removes his gag (shaped like a bone, the one puppy fetish element), and kisses him with remarkable tenderness. While still on his knees Danny sucks on Austin’s nipples…which we KNOW is a trigger point for him. He licks the pouch on Austin’s leather jock while he  strokes his own cock and then gorges himself  on cock when Austin lets it out of his pouch.

As we’ve seen over the years Austin Wolf has quite a few sexual moves in his repertoire and several are seen here. He likes to take the head of a guy who’s sucking him deep and hold his cock in his throat. Not every oral bottom can do it. Danny Gunn sure can. Also when getting pleasure Austin likes to accentuate it by playing with his nipples. Here he also stands up Danny and kisses him passionately while one hand busily fingers his hole. Danny moans but Austin is mostly silent. He rarely raises his voice, sometimes commanding his partners with body language. Here he leads Danny back to the bed, lies back and lets Danny suck him…while he fingers his hole.

Danny Gunn deep throats Austin for some time as they lie on the bed. It’s not often you see Austin Wolf lying back on a bed getting serviced for an extended period. Usually he’s upright or standing. Regardless he’s still in control. The guys move into a 69-ish position where Austin can really do a  job on Danny’s ass: rimming, finger probing and basically priming him for his cock.

Austin puts a surprisingly limber Danny on his back on the edge of the bed and fucking him deep. Austin’s style comes through again as he fucks Danny in a variety of speeds and depths. The vocal reaction from Danny is one of someone who is getting his prostate pounded with every thrust. He gets VERY loud and opens his mouth wide when Austin goes deep  and holds it in.  When Austin flips him over and fucks him on all fours and pins him to the bed Danny is also just as vocal. Perhaps it’s a little over the top compared to Austin’s subtle style, but as long as it’s real and not a result of overacting, we’re okay with it.

With the slap of Danny’s ass, Austin lies back again and Danny rides his cock. For this pairing it feels like the most comfortable for the two and it allows them, or so it appears, to work together more. For Danny Gunn it work because he cums while riding. It’s not the huge amount of cum you might expect but it is fairly intense.. Danny then licks Austin’s balls as he jacks his cock and the camera is right there close-up as Austin Wolf shoots a decent size load. Danny’mouth catches most of it and then he licks his Austin’s sensitive cock.

Austin has another of his quaking, semi-convulsing orgasms but interestingly you see most of it through Danny’s reaction as he watches Austin.  You do HEAR Austin moan and slightly yelp as he cums and his sensitive cock is licked. It actually sounds like tickle torture…so maybe Austin looking like he’s smiling or on the verge of laughing would detract from the orgasm impact.  Director Foxx does provide a close-up of Austin’s slight quivering and the scene ending kiss.

Next week is the finale  another scene inside the house set with Jason Vario dominating Gabriel Cross. Be there!

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