Cocky Boys: Liam & Luca!

This week Cocky Boys welcomes newcomer Luca Beckham and they have sexy Canadian Liam Emerson to do the honors! At first glance we thought that Liam was also a newbie but a quick check of the model roster and there he was …sort of. It’s been a few years since Liam Emerson appeared at Cocky Boys so he’s older of course. And more handsome and beefier. Back to Luca he’s a handsome, sweet-faced, blue-eyed blond who makes a strong impression in this his first appearance.

There’s as romantic tone to the opening of this scene as we see Luca and Liam walking in the park (Montreal, we presume), holding hands, sitting and chatting. It’s very cute although we don’t get to hear what they’re talking about. It’s up to the viewer to figure decide what if any relationship these two have. And this carries through the rest of the scene as we have nothing but sex once they get inside.

The “hook” with this scene is that most of it takes place on a spiral staircase. It doesn’t sound like it would work  but it does and in ridiculously simple ways. Inside  Luca Beckham and Liam Emerson kiss…and kiss. Although clothes start to come off the making out lasts over 5 minutes before someone’s erection makes an appearance. It’s Luca who’s sitting back on one of the stairs as Liam sucks his cock extensively. Another bit about this scene is that these two really seem into each other. After sucking Liam goes to rimming and working over Luca’s smooth hole. Again that staircase makes it easy. There’s lots of seep breathing and moans coming out of Luca finally begs to be fucked.

Liam teases Luca first then fucks him from behind and gives it to him good. Again, the guys make it look easy to see the spiral staircase and to prove the versatility Luca rides Liam’s cock. While they’re at it they both bring chemistry and energy to the scene. Speaking of versatility Luca gets HIS turn to top too. Lian decides he wants to be fucked and gets it on the stairs. Luca tops him there but soon they move things up the stairs to the loft ..and into bed.

Another thing about this scene is the way this scene has an easy flow to it. The action gets more intense but the transitions move seamlessly. Upstairs in the bed Luca fucks Liam on his back and does so with authority. He makes Liam twist and turn slightly on his side as Luca’s sword-like cock penetrates him, They’re both pretty vocal now as Luca Beckham fucks the cum out of Liam Emerson and shortly after explodes a load over the spent bottom. You just know they’re going to kiss again and they do. And a very nice debut is in the books.

From his Twitter we know that Luca Beckham followed this scene with another video shot in Canada. This time hottie Cory Kane gets the call-up. Stay tuned…

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