In November 2017 Part 3

Our third spotlight on November releases at is a brief one as the site has filled in some of the previously empty slots in the roster. All three of these releases are stand alone scenes with one in particular that’s been controversial since it was announced. It features the return to porn for Brodie Sinclair after quite a few years away. WHY? That’s a mystery. We can’t even begin to go into all the details about him and his conspiracy theories and apocalyptic world views.  So if you want to learn more check Out Str8upGayPorn‘s recent post about him and an earlier post. If you think it’s all a put-on, think again, Your head may do a few rotations on this one!

As for the Derek Truitt scene it’s a Gods of Men video (again, why?) in which he’s he’s paired with Max Wilde. It’s two guys in a Florida hotel room having sex and given it’s a GOM scene it’s unlikely to have dialog or a plot. We have no idea what has coming up with Derek Truitt or what the g4p performer has in mind for any future here. Stay tuned….

Next week we get the charmingly titled “Just Fuck The Third Wheel” with Bennett Anthony, Jaxton Wheeler and Jacob Peterson. Bennett & Jaxton are boyfriends who go on a trip with their friend Jacob as the “third wheel”. Bennett & Jaxton get their alone time but at one point Bennett makes the moves on Jacob. In no time Jacob and company have a hot three-way abd Jacob is definitely no longer a third wheel.

AND, in “That’s My Man” Jason Vario and Jay James are also a couple on some trip together. BUT they’ve had a falling out and have broken up and have to spend their last night together n a hotel room. AND, they’re totally annoyed by the situation. When Jason starts texting someone looking for something new Jay gets “super jealous and does something about it.” Sffice to ay sometimes good fucking works wonders!

Coming up: more November releases…

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