Dominic Ford: Three Knights, Two Sites

This week Dominic Ford finally released the scene we’ve long been anticipating: a three-way with porn throuple Seth Knight, Cris Knight and Sean Knight. With a scene like this you don’t have to wonder if there’s any chemistry, it’s virtually guaranteed when there’s a pre-existing relationship. That said, there’s no preview trailer for the scene, just pics which give you a fairly good idea of the activity.

Of course there’s also a brief scene description: ” Seth Knight, Cris Knight and Sean Knight are in a throuple relationship and can’t keep their hands off each other. In this video, the 3 guy have a bareback threeway. It’s so hot watching them. Seth cums all over Sean’s ass and then keeps fucking him. Then Cris shoots a big load all over Sean, who cums almost immediately after that. Yum!”

Who’s who here? Seth Knight is the one who has been in porn the longest , who went from twink to tattooed top (he’s the only one who doesn’t get fucked). Cris Knight is next in line who gas been with Seth longer and the one whose look is most similar to that of Seth. Then there’s Sean Knight, the hairy muscled stud who is our favorite of the throuple abd we asume the third one to join the relationship. If anyone might be a breakthrough star it’s him.

Knight BB 3-Way @



Lastly as the title of this post suggests Dominic Ford has launched a second site, Dominic’s Home Movies. “What happens when the cameras stop rolling? Follow Dominic’s personal life in this site, for only $9.95/month. Watch Dominic audition new models, have sex with random hot guys during his travels, etc.”  As you’ll see it’s at, the social media site that lets individuals produce their own content, available to paid subscribers. Quite a few porn performers are using it these days and self-producing a variety of content.   It’s really saturated many Twitter feeds. The drawback now is that Only Fans generated the same generic gifs : no previews.

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