Bel Ami: Satisfaction Guaranteed

The title of this week’s Bel Ami post refers to one of the new scenes the studio is highlighting this week, but “satisfaction guaranteed” could just as easily refer to the site itself. It also provides us with a segue to remind you that Bel Ami fall membership special ends in a few days.  In this Fall 2 for 1 sale  fans can buy a 1 month membership and get 1 month free! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to check out the award-winning Bel Ami site.  As for the new spotlighted updates Bel Ami has two.

ACCIDENTAL LOVERS: With Helmut Huxley and Jarrod Lanvin. “We kick off our Helmut Huxley special with his scene with Jarrod Lanvin. This is not the first time Jarrod has had sex with a guy, or even the first time he has had sex with Helmut, but it is his first sex in front of the camera. Luckily both guys manage to pretend that the cameras were not even there and we get a personal and intimate look into the guys sex life.

“Coming up next week we will Helmut’s interview, then a 2 day special with Hoyt and Phillipe. I think this is probably Jarrod’s best scene yet even though it is his first, so we hope you enjoy.”

As always Helmut just lights up the screen with his charisma and makes you want to watch him in action. His chemistry with Jarrod is unmistakable abd H=Jarod seems like a real natural too. The director and Helmut surely had something to do with it but he just looks delighted to be in his first scene.  That’s ALWAYS a plus.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: With Dylan Maguire and Jeroen Modrian.” Some things are worth waiting for, and Dylan Maguire is definitely one of those things. Jeroen has been left at home all day alone and is so horny by the time Dylan arrives that we were almost guaranteed that this scene would be a hot one.

“One thing we can certainly say about Dylan, is that he never does anything by half. Whether it be work, play, getting in trouble or making love, he is always 110% invested. Jeroen is one of our boys who has definitely grown into his role as a porn star, and with each scene he becomes more at ease with enjoying himself sexually in front of the camera.”

These two model seem more serious-minded about their scene but that’s just fine. Sure they could look more relaxed but they’re focused and relentless and look good doing it. Good erotica comes in many forms.

MODEL OF THE WEEK: with Ansel Reid. “We are outdoors today at Castello KinkyAngelAo today as we follow photographer Eliot Klien through his photosession with Ansel Reid. We decided to skip the translation for all the mundane ‘smile’, ‘take your pants off’ instructions from Eliot and let the pictures and video speak for themselves. Ansel is a lithe and tanned, young cutie with an impressive endowment that we hope you will all enjoy.”

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