Next Door Studios In November 2017 Part 2

In our second look at November’s upcoming releases at Next Door Studios there are several surprises…including some of new faces recently added to the site. Two of the guys who we only expected to see in solos are coming back in full-on sex scenes and one of them is in at least two. On the hand one of the recent additions, a Corbin Fisher model may only be in a few more scenes as he’s returned to his original home! We’ll have more on him next time. Plus this last half of the month will feature two more new guys. one of whom is just “testing the waters”.

This week tough-guy muscle stud Roman Todd returns in a surprisingly sweet little tale, arguably titled incorrectly “Hidden Lust”. In the scene Roman catches up with best bud Johnny Riley who is suddenly jealous after seeing Roman in bed with another guy. Stirring up feelings Johnny didn’t know he had, he’s also not interesting in just fucking. Roman’s response is, “Date me”. So in a sensuous scene the two friends try it out and have passionate and hot sex…thereby changing their relationship for good.

“Introducing Matty Strong” doesn’t actually feature the debut of this muscle model .We saw him already in his solo debut. But here he has his first sex scene and according to the trailer 22 year old Matty Strong has never been with another guy in ANY way. Damien Kyle is his first and he sucks Matty and bottoms for him. They do kiss at the beginning but Matty doesn’t suck him back. He’s a little detached from Damien’s sucking but pulls out a little more aggressiveness at fucking. Jury is still out on Matty.

In “Show Me Your Moves” out-of-work Michael DelRay learns from his roommate Connor Halsted that he bar he works at is looking for a go-go dancer. So in an impromptu audition Michael gives Connor a look at his dancing moves and asks if he has what it takes. Connor is unconvinced but Michael keeps going and shows off his sexual moves, with his prominent crotch helping on the convincing. Connor sucks and fucks Michael who shows his talent for satisfying prospective customers.

In “I Like Cherries” Chad Piper is roughly confronted by neighbor Steve Rogers who knows Chad has been watching him. It turns out Steve likes being watched and wants to know if Chad wants to go all the way. Chad confesses he’s a virgin ,which is fine by Steve who likes popping cherries. He’s also into dominant control and so he orders Chad around. Chad does as he’s told and sucks Steve before Steve goes ahead and fucks him. And both guys want it to continue…

VERY hot Dallas stud Austin Hunter, described as a fitness model, makes his Next Door Male debut in little over a week. The 28 year old is strikingly handsome, has a perfect body, is 6′ 5″ (!) and 200 lbs and certainly has the right moves in front of the camera. He’s also very well spoken and for those who really like that Texas twang, they’ll be quite happy. Austin decided to try out porn and submitted photos to Next Door Studios and the studio quickly snatched him up. All this being said Austin says he’s straight abut not curious. He has the “‘l’ll try anything once” stance so we shall see if he returns. Stay tuned…

The other newcomer to Next Door Studios is Dominic Green, a blond post-twink bottom who definitely will be doing more than one scene. In his debut “My Gay Roommate” he’s opposite Matty Strong, looking quite different and in an “acting” role.! He’s almost completely clean shaven and certainly appears more confident. Here, Dominic is behind in his rent and promises to pay up to Matty. In addition he promises free massages…and more. He goes down on a reluctant Matty and bottoms for him. The sexually satisfied Matty decides that this will be a regular ..until he’s paid up.

Coming up Eric Turner and Zey Hardy (who we didn’t expect) to see in anything past his solo) have a fourgy with Gunner and Quentin Gainz. And there’s more of Calvin Chambers the guy who is going back to Corbin Fisher. Stay tuned…

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