Sean Cody: A Week Of Surprises

The newest releases from Sean Cody are a mixed bag, with a few surprises, which is pretty much the story of the site these days. On the good side it feels like the site is trying to fix their behind-the-camera production and post-production problems. It’s hard to tell for sure though because scenes are not released in the order in which they’re filmed. BUT, we have hope. As with any site there have been match-ups that didn’t work and models that haven’t worked out. And yet as this week shows there are still guys who turn out to be better than expected. 


First up there was a new scene with Sean & Kaleb. The surprise here was that there was still an unreleased scene with Sean, who posted in August that he had retired from porn, with the caveat “for the time being”. In fact Gay Daily Hot confirmed with Sean that the last scene he filmed for Sean Cody was with Shaw, so upon its release we assumed there would be no more. He had bulked up, as you can see in this scene, but in by mid-September he posted pics of himself after getting shredded. So it all leads us to believe his scene with Kaleb was filmed before the Shaw scene. Now consider this: the tweet in which he told a fan he had retired has been deleted. And he hasn’t tweeted since mid-September. So now what?

The main issue with the scene is not its technical quality. It’s well lighted and well shot and edited and feels very much like “classic” Sean Cody. However, there’s Kaleb,  good-looking well-built and hung guy who continues to be underwhelming as a performer. It’s inexplicable that Sean Cody keeps putting him in scenes when he has a hard time getting hard, he doesn’t take his performing seriously when his scene partners do, he won’t bottom, and so forth.  It’s a bit like having the class clown give the valedictorian speech or a movie hiring an actor over and over when doesn’t study his lines.

During his tenure at Sean Cody it hasn’t always been easy to read Sean accurately. At times he’s appeared not to have chemistry with his co-stars and/or just projected a disinterest in filming that day. But we could almost always count on putting in the effort whether he was top or bottom. This new scene is evidence of that. He puts his talents on the line while Kaleb does not and as others have noted that he deserved better. We wonder if he cares that this might be his last released scene and not the highly superior scene he had with Shaw.

On the other hand Shaw himself benefits by his pleasantly surprising co-star Derick. After a solo and a straight scene as Liam at Corbin Fisher we didn’t he’d go beyond a solo when he debuted at Sean Cody. But, aside from his goofball persona (maybe as a result of nerves?), he turned in a really good performance with Lane. We thought it might be a fluke until this new scene showed up. Yes, Derick is still a goofball but he’s an endearing one. After the introduction in which Shaw gives him permission to get as rough as he wants, something Derick has been interested in exploring.

When they get down to it they kiss and then Shaw sucks Derick as he lies back on the bed. Derick was semi-hard from the start but he gets even harder and bigger as he’s sucked. A good beginning!  The drawback is he doesn’t suck Shaw so we may have to wait before he crosses that boundary.  BUT Derick fucks Shaw on his back and he appears to do a good job because Shaw is hard through it all. At first Derick doesn’t really get as rough as we anticipated but the vague dominance he shows is plenty.

When Derick fucks Shaw from behind they get a little rougher with Derick holding Shaw by the hair and pinning his arms behind him. And Shaw puts on his best submissive position with his upper torso pinned to the bed and his ass up high. He also shoots his load while Derick is fucking him. Derick brings it by shooting a good-sized load over Shaw’s crack. And it’s got some distance to it, shooting out of the camera view. This isn’t a, “okay, now we’re done” type of ending either. They linger somewhat.

There’s a playful little shower scene ending with kissing which segues nicely into round two’s kissing opening. There’s also some playful dominance going on in bed and soon Derick is fucking Shaw flat on his stomach. They switch to a half-missionary/half-pile-driver which results in another intense Shaw orgasm and a self-facial…and Derick’s cumshot similar to his first. The chemistry we detect seems to be real, corroborated in the behind-the-scenes epilogue.  Again we never expected to see Derick again, let alone this good. Now, let’s see if he can do more.

As we update our Sean Cody Top Model List again there are some more significant.. Jess and Sean both move up as does Shaw. If there are now more Sean scenes in store he ends SC career in the elite 30+ group. And as of now he’s #9. Let’s hope Jess has more scenes in him to take the memory of his last scene out of our thoughts. He’s now tied #6 with Brodie. Shaw moves up to #22, in a 5-way tie. Speaking of Top Models you might have seen that Ajay, aka Aaron Savvy, has returned to porn in some self-produced Only Fans scenes. One of these is a hot scene with Austin Wolf. But that’s not all. Aaron has also shot with Hot House which may mean we might be seeing even more of him. Another unexpected delight! Stay tuned…

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Brandon (38)
4. Blake (37)
5. Randy (36)
6. Jess (35)
6. Brodie (35)
8. Joey (34)
9. Sean (30)
10. Dean (29)
10. Lane (29)
10. Jarek (29)
13. Daniel (27)
13. Porter (27)
13. Jamie (27)
16. Landon (26)
16. Jayden (26)
18. Calvin (24)
19. Dennis (23)
20. Jordan (22)
20. Jack (22)
22. Shaw (21)
22. Harley (21)
22. David (21)
22. Manny (21)
22. Pavel (21)
27. Jake (20)
27. Liev (20)
27. Pete (20)
30. Kurt (19)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)


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