Cocky Boys: Ken & Valentin!

This week Cocky Boys welcomes Ken Summers and Valentin Braun to the site in a new scene that’s simply wonderful and wonderful in its perfect simplicity. From the very start it feels like these two Euro-studs are a perfect fit for Cocky Boys and we hope that somehow there will be more scenes with them. Ken is from Spain and you’ve probably seen him in several European produced scenes. His co-star Valentin is a German dancer/model from Brussels with an interesting back story we hope he’ll share if there are any future videos.

 Ken Summers does the introduction for this scene and he’s just delightful.  A vibrant, happy ad fun person.He’s excited to be filming with Cocky Boys because it’s something he’s wanted to do for a long time. He also has a connection to the site having met Ricky Roman before. Ricky apparently gave Ken advice on how to get into porn and a couple years later here he is. Ken tells us that his favorite time to have sex is in the morning and so he gets an AM scenario with Valentin Braun.

As we said this scene is simple, but it’s not simplistic. It’s erotic and passionate and fun. Ken and Valentin are often all-smiles in this scene and makes it all the more delightful. Ken wakes up in bed and rolls over to caress and kiss Valentin and look in each other’s eyes affectionately. But things do get sexual as Valentin reaches between Ken’s smooth butt cheeks. Eventually Ken takes Valentin’s cock and sucks him. But he also goes back to his body to kiss and lick it and his feet before going back to sucking him. Between the intensely erotic sex there are also smiles and a cute little running joke between them.


The chemistry between these two feels so real and it goes hand-in-hand with the seemingly natural flow of the action here. Valentin Braun lovingly kisses Ken Summers and treats his body the same way.  He kisses his nipples, sucks his cock , plays with his ass, rims him and fingers it on the way to fucking him from behind. Ken is very demonstrative and really gets into it and yet he and Valentin still don’t lose sight of keeping it fresh and fun.

Eventually the guys flip positions but again it doesn’t feel scripted or part of any choreographed effort. Ken has Valentin on his back, sucks him and kisses him all over his body and fingers his hole before fucking him. He also gets him on all fours to rim him and fuck him. It’s at this point that the sex gets even more intense and lively. Ken drills Valentin and it looks like he’s going to  keep going until they both cum.  Instead they switch it up again and Ken rides Valentin’s cock.

They wind up focused on each other again with Ken Summers sitting on Valentin Braun and riding him, jacking his cock until he shoots a really big load all over him. What’s really hot is that Ken is still hard and fucks Valentin deep until he makes his shoot his huge load! Talk about post-sex euphoria! They’re practically giddy as Ken climbs on top of Valentin’s cum slick body, snuggles with him and kisses him. There are times when watching a Cocky Boys scene it feels like you’re watching a real-life couple, right? This is a prime example.

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