New Faces For November 2017 Part 2

This week’s new faces include a good share of gay models and one who doesn’t like labels.. but it sure seems like he’s leaning in one direction.  Regardless of their sexual orientations there are some very hot bodies this week and a good amount of sexual energy. So again, the guys who come back for more may not be making their full impact this year but will surely be among the first to make their case next year. Will we say as much at this time NEXT year? 

Ruben at Sean Cody. Ruben is quite an original for this site. Very gregarious and candid Ruben is openly gay man and likes it rough. This includes choking, biting and spitting He adds, “I’m a very dominant person…I definitely do not make love, I definitely fuck.” And yet he could see his dominance and roughness being a part of a loving relationship at some point. Like Joey (aka John Magnum) at Sean Cody from a few years ago Ruben was raised by two moms! He was taught to be respectful but tough and he seems very level-headed and motivated.

In round one Ruben shows off his nicely muscled body and prominent arm/chest tattoo. He’s pretty vocal and lively as he jacks off and puts on a pretty good show. Before round two we see him working out and learn he’s very well-disciplined in his workouts. By the way in some ways he physically reminds us of another Sean Cody model: Tanner, albeit in his leaner days. And guess what? Ruben has a third jack-of sequence. He definitely has the stamina. So if he comes back who will he fuck …and dominate?

Bryson at Corbin Fisher. This avid jock, described as “happy-go-lucky and laid back” , shows off his tatts and his athletic prowess but we get very little indication of what he’s all about sexually. As the site describes, “We were eager to get him to engage in quite a different kind of physical activity, though, and he had no complaints about the idea of stripping down for that! Bryson’s ass looked great as he fucked his hand for us – bent over the couch is definitely a good look for him!” But will we see him in a gay scene with his fast and furious jacking off style?


Kyler at Chaos Men.  Let’s just say site owner Bryan nails the description of his new model “Kyler is an adorable gay guy.”  He’s a real natural, frank about what he likes sexually: he prefers to bottom and give oral. But he’s also into a variety of types, including age-wise.  As Bryab says, “It sounds like he loves to service and take care of his man.For his solo, he is totally in to it. That’s the great thing about the younger guys, they do know how to play to a camera. A lot of practice sending photos and videos to fuck buddies.”

Bryan clearly likes Kyler and seems to want to help him out..while producing hot content: ” Right now, Kyler is not working so will try to get him in quickly to help him get back on his feet. He lives a bit off the grid, with no wheels, so it may be a challenge to get him in, but after today’s performance, he has great potential!” Agreed!

Valentin Braun at Cocky Boys. This sexy guy just made his debut here and because we had never heard of him we delved into his background a bit more. And as we did we found out how perfect he is for the site. Valentin is a dancer/model/performer from Germany now living in Brussels. In an interview earlier in the year he mentioned he’s still with a dance ensemble but also acted in erotic films. They were mostly a blend of art and erotica. He has a very sex-positive, non-judgmental view of porn. When you read his Medium interview you’ll see how much his view meshes well with the Cocky Boys model. Hopefully we’ll see more of him in some of the site’s projects.

Trevor Brown at Gay Hoopla. Just like last week the site is very excited to introduce a new guy…and his solo is tied to last week’s intro of Bradley Whitman.  Trevor Brown arrives on set (where Bradley is there with Derek Jones) very excited. “I’m SUPER hornry.  I was hard all last night and thinking about this, but I had to wait to jack off.” This carries over into showing off for the camera before his scene. And he sure isn’t shy about getting naked. After working out and showering director Derek tells Trevor he has a surprise for him, lube & butt plugs. And Trevor is excited to try them out. in what GH calls his perfect butt. “Trevor has just a bit of blond hair on his asshole. While he shoves those plugs into his hole, his dick starts to grow a bit and Derek can’t help himself but to give his ass a bit of a spank. One of the hottest things about this video is the way that Derek and Trevor talk with each other. Derek learns Trevor plays with his ass once a week .


“Trevor’s body is perfect. That amazingly proportioned display of muscles and his handsome face and that sheepish smile. The best thing is that he knows it and loves to show it off, but he’s still got that “Aw shucks” innocent style that’ll make you love him even more. Once he’s on his back and jerking his dick, it swells to full, thick size. “I wish someone’s mouth was right here… or an ass to put it in” he says while he plays with it. Trevor’s bubble butt flexes and pulses while he pumps his dick harder and harder. We get some GREAT angles of Trevor’s balls, cock and hairy ass crack. With the super-closeups, You can almost taste it. Trevor’s dick surges to full stiffness and he squirts a thick load of cum onto his abs.

“Derek says ‘you’re not a man unless you’ve’ tasted your own cum… so he gets his first takes of his own cum. Trevor doesn’t want to put a label on his sexual orientation but he says he “likes to fuck guys.’ ‘e also tells us that he recently got rimmed for the first time and he thought he could cum from that alone.Like usual, we’re throwing in a bit of behind-the-scenes fun at the end with Trevor washing his butt plugs. One last look and we find out that Trevor has already shot a hardcore scene with Bradley. Can’t wait to see it.” Hell yes.

Johnny B at Active Duty. Another tall and beautifully built man with a deep voice and a nice cock. That’s about all we know for now but he sure looks good jerking off . AD adds, “Johnny has a very muscular frame which he keeps in top condition. As his clothes begin to come off you get to feast your eyes on his ripped abs and his very hard cock. This sexy man has some very muscular thighs that are just beautiful to look at it. He doesn’t have much hair on his body but he has it where it counts. Johnny has a thick veiny cock that would look great buried deep in one of our vets. Those sexy smooth balls have been built up with all the stroking he has been doing and he finally shoots a huge load all over himself and it just misses his face and instead hits his neck. There is nothing like a creamy cum load all over a beautiful soldier. Enjoy!”


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