Ricky Roman’s Birthday Charity!

Cocky Boys superstar RIcky Roman has a birthday coming up and he wants you to celebrate with him by giving to his favorite charity Trinity Place Shelter! You can donate at Go Fund Me Charity For NY LGBT Youth\.In the video above Ricky talks about what the shelter is and what it means to him and so many others.  As he says below the video, “I want you to join me in raising awareness and donating to the Trinity Place Shelter which is an LGBT homeless shelter on the upper West side in New York City. They work with and help the less fortunate youth get out of the cold and transition off of the streets and back into society…. it’s getting cold out there guys, let’s give someone who doesn’t have a warm place to sleep at least that. Thank you! Go Fund Me Charity For NY LGBT Youth-… Learn more at www.trinityplaceshelter.org

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