Titan Men’s Big Brother: Jason Vario & Daymin Voss!

This week Titan Men has a rare treat: Jason Vario bottoms! In the second scene from Big Brother the sexy star flip-fuck with hairy-muscled Daymin Voss in his Titan Men debut! So, all around it’s must-see video.  It’s been at least three years since Jason Vario bottomed on camera and that was when he was Kiern Duecan at Next Door Studios‘ Next Door Ebony site. So you could say this is Jason Vario’s first time. How ever you look at it this match-up of these two muscle studs is a worth a look.

If you saw the first scene from Big Brother with Luke Adams & Tristan Jaxx  you’ll very quickly get a a sense of déjà vu when you start watching this new scene. That’s because the set-up is almost exactly the same and you have to figure it’s purposeful. Daymin Voss wakes up late and, wearing nothing but a jock strap, greets Jason Vario who has come over to pick him up for the gym. When Daymin turns around to get ready Jason takes a wide-eyed look at his prominent rump and tells him, “Fuck, your ass got huge.” Daymin responds that it’s not as big as Jason’s and takes a look in the mirror saying that he still has a little bit to go. Of course Jason has to touch it and that’s where they get things going.

The guys hesitatingly kiss and while looking into Jason’s eyes Daymin says, “You  know, I’ve always looked up to you like a big brother,” To which Jason replies, “There’s nothing wrong with a little brotherly love.” At that they’re kissing passionately, but slowly with a strong feel of sensual romance. It’s not what you would expect from two big, muscular guys who are rough around the edges and this defying of stereotypes is what makes it so hot. It lasts for a good amount of time (a perfect amount actually) but eventually clothes come off and slowly  Daymin goes down on Jason and starts sucking him off.

The sensuous type passion continues as Daymin Voss sucks Jason Vario whose cock slowly gets harder and veins start bulging. Jason also reaches over to feel up the big, hairy, muscled bubble butt that started things rolling.  He also wets his fingers to play with his hole. But Daymin’s crack is so deep the camera couldn’t possibly show us if there’s any penetration. Jason eventually brings Daymin to his feet for more passionate kissing. Really, it’s so hot you could watch them make out for even longer and be perfectly satisfied. But they look in each other’s eyes,  just nod, and adjourn to the bedroom.

Daymin keeps the sensuality of the scene going with his deep breathing and deep rimming of Jason as he bends over the foot of the bed. By the way, we all know Jason Vario is huge, as is Daymin Voss, but you really notice in the way they almost dwarf the big bed. Once again they come up for more hot kissing and we can bet no one is complaining. When Jason reciprocates and goes down on Daymin things begin to shift from a low simmer to medium heat. Jason sucks his cock deep as Daymin plays with his nipples and gently thrusts into Jason’s mouth. And they start to get more verbal and vocal.

As Jason turns Daymin around and bends him over to rim him Daymin gets much more vocal. Jason’s mouth deep dives in and he actually has to use both hands to pull apart his hairy ass mounds to get his mouth and tongue in there. Jason soon replaces his mouth with his cock and power fucks an even more vocal Daymin. He drives it in hard, he grinds in his cock and makes Daymin look like he’s going to swoon. At his point it appears the romantic aspects of this encounter are being cast off until Jason leans forward and kisses Daymin and they face each other for more making out.

Although Jason Vario bottoming is a big deal director Jasun Mark and his players don’t oversell this dramatic moment. They ease into it as though it’s perfectly natural. But when Daymin Voss starts fucking Jason faster and harder from behind both guys get more vocal and dramatic. Jason Vario especially gets more verbal and vocal and loud than we’re used to hearing him. And since we’re not used to seeing him bottom we can’t say if this is natural for him to look like he’s being fucking by a baseball bat. We do wonder if any of his former co-stars who have been impaled on his cock will relish seeing him get what he gives.

Surprisingly they switch to missionary and Jason is still on the bottom. Both guys again are vocal…even more so as it appears they’re drawing to a climax. Daymin Voss keeps on going and going and it appears he might be running out of steam. But he finally pulls out and jerks out a load over Jason’s crotch ..and it’s quite a lengthy orgasm. Daymin milks out a load that seems to be endless. It’s a little disappointing that Jason Vario doesn’t cum while he’s being fucked (we chalk this up again to this not being the norm for him). But he does stand over a reclining Daymin and give him a decent facial…before they kiss one more time. And, he thanks him for the workout.

After all is said and done we can’t imagine anyone else BUT Daymin Voss to be paired with Jason Vario for this pivotal scene.  They certainly look good together and as we’ve seen they have lots of chemistry. This is a keeper for repeated viewings.

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