Hot House’s Private Practice Released!

Hot House has released it’s new medical-themed movie Private Practice on DVD with scene downloads available for purchase at the studio store, AND the first scene with Sean Zevran & Carlos Lindo has premiered at the Hot House membership site. As the Falcon Studios Group website says, the Nick Foxx directed Private Practice is “a place where the professional line between doctors, nurses, interns, and patients is severely blurred with even one wayward glance. Once that line is crossed, there’s no turning back. Professional or not, the 10 horny studs from this medical clinic get their dicks wet, prostates examined, and their heavy balls drained with all the cock sucking and ass stretching they can find in one very special medical clinic.”

Director Nick Foxx says, “‘Private Practice’ is a sexy take on what a lot of people wish their doctor visits were like. Every man in this practice from interns to patients, and doctors to nurses will have their chance to get off and go home happy.” Falcon Studios President Tim Valenti adds “This movie showcases the medical clinic of your wettest dreams. After seeing ‘Private Practice’, I’ll forever be disappointed by going to my regular old doctor.”

We’ll have more on the entire movie coming up but for now we’re spotlighting the first scene with Sean Zevran as the doctor and Carlos Lindo, making his Hot House debut as the hunky patient. In the beginning of the Sean, who almost looks too young to be a doctor with his freshly clean shaven look, consults Carlos on the good results of his tests. A relieved Carlos also gets some extra “bedside manner” from Dr Sean who walks over to feel his chest and give him a great big kiss. The fact that Carlos isn’t surprised leads us to believe they’ve carried on in the exam room before. Lo and behold, the muscular guys get naked and patient Carlos has swept off the desk as it sucking off the hot doc.

After Sean Zevran gets a healthy dose of cocksucking he and Carlos Lindo switch place and it’s Sean who’s sucking cock. The on-screen compatibility of the two guys is pretty striking, They’re built similarly and they both have an go-for-it demeanor, wasting little time making their moves and changing positions as though reading each other’s minds. After sucking Carlos, Sean bends him over the table and rims him.

Again, in keeping with their uninhibited energy Sean Zevran fucks Carlos Lindo from behind hard and deep. Carlos moans and gets fairly vocal, and after little time like this they’ve suddenly switched positions. This is arguably the weakest aspect of this video. A little cross dissolve visual action and Sean is on his back and getting fucked. What’s missing here is a continuation of some of the passion these guys showed in the beginning of the scene when they kissed. It happens but you have to wait for it. Carlos fucks a thick load out of Sean who cums over his abs. Not longer after Carlos pulls out and shoots his equally intense load over Sean. And THEN they kiss to end the scene. Again, a little disappointing considering how the scene begins promisingly.

Coming up we have more previews of Private Practice and the following scenes: Dr Ace Era throws out his professionalism when he see patient JJ Knight’s cock and balls; Dr. Pierce Paris gets hard while examining Derek Bolt and they flip-fuck; an all-oral encounter with interns Sean Maygers and Josh Conners alone in the clinic for the night; and nurse Mason Lear does his best to avoid being let go by giving up his ass to Doctor Austin Wolf.

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