Sean Cody’s Thanksgiving Double-Header: Dillan & Blake

This week Sean Cody has two big scenes for the holiday weekend! There’s match-up between hung muscle stud Randy and Daniel, the very vocal top bottoming for the first time in years. And there’s a less publicized scene with longtime top model Blake and promising newcomer Dillan in his second scene. It’s this scene that was released first and which we’re reviewing here.

Blake and Dillan have a cute introduction in which they compete at deep-throating bananas and it’s clear there’s friendly chemistry between them. As the site says they “brought out each other’s inner goofball”. It’s a good sign they may have chemistry in their sex scene…and it turns out they do when we see them back at the house making out.  When Blake pulls off Dillan’s shorts and his big hard cock pops out it’s another really good sign. From here Blake lies on his back and deep sucks Dillan. Again. good news.  The camera really focuses close up on Blake sucking cock as he’s face-fucked. The guy is a pro as he shows throughout the scene.

Although it looks like he might come close, Dillan doesn’t 69 with Blake. In fact the odd thing here is that Dillan doesn’t suck cock here at all. Yes, he kisses, he rims, and fucks. It just seems odd. We do have to take into consideration that Dillan is new to this.  And so he does seem to still have awkward moments. But he is improving, helped a lot by skilled bottom Blake who must make Dillan seem like he’s one of his best tops ever.

Dillan tries some variations on fucking Blake in the missionary position and he does come in to kiss him on several occasions. But it’s when Blake rides his cock and Dillan jack hammers up into him that they hit their groove. Dillan fucks the cum out of a vocal Blake who shoots over Dillan’s body and soon after Dillan cums inside Blake. Blake goes right back to kissing and sucking him and it feels like this is more foreplay leading into round 2. Blake compliments Dillan’s cock while Blake’s ass complimented. Once again we get a sense of their chemistry.

In round 2 Dillan rims Blake’s big hot ass. By the way there’s some footage in the behind-the-scenes epilogue that spotlights Blake’s ass that comes from this sequence. Dillan fucks Blake from behind and pins him to the bed. And once again he fucks the cum out of Blake who shoots while bent over the edge of the bed.  Dillan pulls out abd creams over Blake’s hole and plunges in again. And once more they kiss passionately as Blake turns over.

A good show for sure. Will Dillan be able to keep improving? Stay tuned…

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