Sean Cody’s Thanksgiving Double-Header: Daniel & Randy

For the second Thanksgiving holiday weekend Sean Cody paired Daniel & Randy, two guys who have been mostly tops at the site. And for this scene Daniel, the dirty-mouthed, very loud model was picked to bottom for the first time in years. Interestingly the guys have known each other for about 5 years and asked about doing a scene together. This surely had to be a positive factor for a  good scene. Plus they both claim to have jerked off to each other’s films. It all turns out to be a pretty good scene for Sean Cody, just not the special one we thought might happen.

One of the deciding factors here is the Palm Springs sun. The third video to be filmed on location here and it’s just too bright for the cameras. Next time, if there is one, Sean Cody should take a look at some of the movies shot on location in the desert..or ask a company like Titan Men. For sure ask Titan director Jasun Mark. Another factor is Daniel, We really do appreciate his enthusiasm BUT he’s just so over the top. And as a bottom he does it too. Then there’s the decision to try out a few positions that are dramatic but unnecessary. At the beginning Daniel says he just wants to fuck and maybe Sean Cody should have kept it that simple.

After a fairly long five minute intro which includes a drive to the PS house, a little interview with Randy in the shower, and some yoga stretching Daniel rims and sucks Randy..and they get into a 69. So far, except for the sun issues, things are moving well. Even when Randy starts fucking Daniel in what looks like a very uncomfortable yoga-esque doggy-style position it appears that taking a big cock may have stifled Daniel’s voice to some understandable deep gasps and moans.  But as Daniel gets used to Randy’s cock and starts working his hole on it he starts in on the  dirty talk and exaggerated facial expressions and vocal/verbal outbursts. Wild sexual positions can work, but it just seems very staged here.

After plenty of these positions the guys settle down and get into a workable one with Daniel riding Randy’s cock. Yes, directors and performers like to present visually interesting sex positions different from what you’re used to seeing. But sometimes the basics work best. It works for Daniel at least who gets harder riding Randy who himself is piston-fucking him. They both cum with Daniel again going into his dramatic routine. We’ll give Daniel this: he does produce gushers. However here it gets washed out by the sun AND Randy’s is barely visible. By the way we’re happy that Randy doesn’t try to compete with Randy on the dramatics. We approve of his approach. Too bad it doesn’t rub off on Daniel.

Round two also gets back to basics with Randy fucking Daniel on his back on the edge of the pool.  A much better sequence, especially if you turn down the sound and not look at Daniel’s facial expressions. Randy does a very good job of fucking and pinning him so that all he can do is squirm..and this IS hot to watch.  Daniel cums again dramatically while riding Randy’s cock but again we miss seeing the full visual effect. Randy gives Daniel a facial this time but once again we don’t get to see all of it. There’s a behind-the-scenes epilogue that shows the friendly chemistry between Randy & Daniel we saw a glimmer of in the intro. THIS fun chemistry is what this scene definitely could have used more of.

As we update our Sean Cody Top Model List this week there are some more significant changes…and a correction. Somehow during the course of our updates we lost count for Blake. With this week’s scene he’s at 39 scenes AND he jumps into the #3 spot. Randy is at #5 behind Brandon and ahead of Jess. So, if Blake, Randy, Jess & Joey are still filming, within a few more scenes they will have dethroned Tanner and Curtis from the Top Two.  It’s unlikely to happen THIS year but 2018 my be quite another story. Now, when do we see Jess & Joey?.…

1. Tanner (42 scenes)
2. Curtis (41)
3. Blake (39)
4. Brandon (38)
5. Randy (37)
6. Jess (35)
6. Brodie (35)
6. Joey (35)
9. Sean (30)
9. Lane (30)
11. Dean (29)
11. Jarek (29)
13. Daniel (28)
14. Porter (27)
14. Jamie (27)
16. Landon (26)
16. Jayden (26)
18. Calvin (24)
19. Dennis (23)
20. Jordan (22)
20. Jack (22)
22. Shaw (21)
22. Harley (21)
22. David (21)
22. Manny (21)
22. Pavel (21)
27. Jake (20)
27. Liev (20)
27. Pete (20)
30. Kurt (19)
31. Forrest (15)
31. Ajay (15)
31. Ethan (15)


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