Cocky Boys: Arad & Justin!

Ahh, summer! This week Cocky Boys takes us back to the warm, sun-soaked days at the beach with muscular duo Justin Matthews and Arad Winwin! Just as he did in his recent scene with Ollie, Justin Matthews simply evokes classic gay porn with his blond hair, ripped body and athletics. The way he gets naked and by how Arad Winwin interact, frolic and get affectionate they look like the stepped out of one of those silent shorts. And, with his board shorts tan and white butt Justin would make a perfect re-imagined gay male version of those old Coppertone print ads. 

The guys are pretty free and uninhibited on the beach but they can really let loose on the sun deck back at the Fire Island beach house. There Justin hoses the sand off his legs and though it’s a little chilly they both warm up with kissing and body play. And since Justin’s cock is already out Arad plays with it too..and it gets hard very quickly. Arad goes down on Justin but relatively speaking he spends less time here. Soon, he has his own pants off and has turned Justin around against the wall. He eats out his ass, kisses him from behind and lovingly manhandles him before sliding in to fuck him.

There’s an interesting intimacy between Arad and Justin in this scene. Just as it appears that Arad is going to fuck Justin like a piece of meat, he brings their bodies closer together. He wraps himself around Justin, he necks with him, nuzzles him, kisses him, and more. And yet he fucks him hard. Justin seems to respond positively to this kind of hard intimacy. He also isn’t just a fuck toy. He sits on Arad’s cock and finds his own groove, gaining a bit of control over his own pleasure in the scene. At one point after riding him Justin and Arad stand together. Arad fucks him from behind and strokes Justin’s cock. But it also appears Justin is grinding back against him. They’re basically in sync and it looks like Justin is ready to cum.

Arad and Justin move over to the outdoor bed. Justin gets on all fours and sucks Arad who in turn reaches over to feel up and finger fuck Justin’s hole. By the way Justin’s hot ass abd the way he uses it is one of the camera’s main focal points in this entire scene. And it’s sure justifiable. While Justin is still on all fours he turns around to be fucked in the same hard-edged intimate manner. Again the duo rises up pressed together and Justin jacks his cock. As it was minutes before Justin looks ready to cum. But the guys have one more move…

Justin gets fucked on his back and it appears that not long after Arad slides in…and barely starts thrusting…that Justin goes over the edge and shoots a huge, rocket blast of cum all over himself. Soon after Arad stands up and shoots and his cum blast goes even farther. It hits Justin in the face and in his mouth and all over his body, still creamy from his own cum. So when Arad kisses Justin in the end he gets a taste of his own cum. Nice.

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