Guys In Sweatpants: Manhandling Mateo

Over the weekend Guys In Sweatpants released a scene to start off the holiday season in a different way. In the video Austin Wilde takes Mateo Vice & Judas King to go shopping for toys, but as you can guess they weren’t looking for action figures, Legos, video games, etc. Austin took them to an adult store because as the site asks, “Who doesn’t like getting new toys?” It’s all because Mateo had requested a scene where he’d be “tied up, manhandled, and fucked”/ With that in mind they decided to shop for toys to use as well. Mateo is excited about it and Judas, who has experience using toys on someone is very confident.

Back on the set Mateo gets naked and Judas goes in with the glass anal toys. It’s clearly a turn-on for Mateo but it’s also one for Judas whose cock gets hard as he plays with Mateo’s hole. Judas REALLY knows what he’s doing here, working the toy into Mateo and getting him really hard ..and then sucking him as he fucks him with the toy. By the way they’re also wearing cock rings but we have a feeling they didn’t really need them. In due time Judas pulls out the dildo and slides in his own cock to start fucking him.  He also gets into some foot sucking and looks very content with all the attention.

One thing that Guys In Sweatpants mentions here is important to the smooth flow of the scene. Apparently Mateo and Judas had wanted to fuck ever since they had first met and had pre-existing sexual chemistry..and the pent-up desire.  Still Judas wisely takes his time getting Mateo used to his cock and you can see this patience pay off in the very contented face of Mateo. Plus Judas continues to make Mateo relax by stroking his cock as he slowly fucks him. Judas King, at least with Mateo Vice, is a great top.

Judas moves this into a edgier direction by fucking Mateo faster and deeper and putting a little choking on him with one hand and giving his face a commanding little slap. It goes from there to Mateo bent over and his hands tied behind his back as he’s fucked. Austin points out, “I think Mateo’s favorite part was getting tied up and manhandled as Judas plowed him doggystyle.”

Judas finishes off Mateo by fucking him untied and on his back, with his legs off to the side. He a;so chokes Mateo again and we’re not sure who this turns on more. The result is the same though because Judas pulls out and shoots over Mateo who shoots at almost the same time. This hot scene ends with a kiss and cum all over Mateo..some of which winds up back inside him. See how when you watch this new Guys In Sweatpants scene.

We already established earlier in the year that Guys In Sweatpants would likely be THE comeback site of the year in our annual year in review and scenes like thus remind us why. In these days when it’s good to support small businesses we consider sites like this a good example and a way to support porn we love.


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