Next Door Studios In November 2017 Part 3

In our last spotlight at new and the remaining upcoming releases at Next Door Studios this November there are hot pairings, a big three-way and an unexpected fourgy; exclusives, newcomers, rising stars and fan faves. And it appears that this is how the longtime site will continue into next month and through the close of the year. As for what’s in store next year, Next Door Studios was so unpredictable in 2017 we can’t even hazard a guess…now that is.

On Thanksgiving Day Next Door Studios presented “Markie’s Special Request” with of the site’s all-time top stars Markie More getting his shot at Allen Lucas who has appeared at Active Duty and a number of Next Door scenes.  According to the intro Markie really did put in a request to get a scene with Allen after seeing his scenes and watching him bottom. It starts off in a formal fashion but Allen genuinely seems to be excited about being with Markie. And this enthusiasm is a good icebreaker that makes for a terrific scene.

We love seeing kissing in a scene and fortunately Markie More delivers again. And now that he knows Allen is into him Markie gets into the sex all the sooner. Kissing turns to sucking and fucking and Markie gives him the full treatment. He fucks Allen every which way and Allen responds vocally and visually. There’s also a big double-wow finish. As Allen rides Markie and arches his back moaning loudly he explodes with an intense cumshot. And for Markie’s big finish he gives Allen a big thick facial. We hadn’t paid much attention to Allen Lucas before this. Now we definitely will!

“Bros Before Hoes” has a pretty outdated straight dude title and actually does feel like an old school gay4pay Next Door scene. Eric Turner & Quentin Gainz pop over to to their friends; house and get a shock when they look in through the french doors: Gunner is sucking off Zey Hardy. They get caught and are embarrassed, but Eric & Quentin don’t care…hey want to join in. Sucking turns to fucking and all the guys get off. It’s not a true fourgy as the action mostly takes place with two pairs side by side. Zey is the only one of the quartet bros who only gets sucked off. AND he doesn’t reciprocate, Disappointing especially since the rest of his co-starts all get fucked during the scene.

In the latest scene ” I Wanna Watch” Calvin Chambers hires rent boy Christian Bay but he doesn’t intend to have sex with him. Calvin would rather watch while Christian has sex with his friend Jordan Boss…and maybe join in if it gets hot enough. And so Calvin jerks off as Christian and Jordan suck each other off. But he also gets excited and joins in. First he just gets sucked off but soon fucks Christian and helps spit roast him as Jordan fucks him. At the end there’s almost total satisfaction..except for Christian in a strange turn of events.

Coming up this week are the last two scenes of the month. The first one “Not As Good As You” is the premiere episode of a new series Open Relationships .  Here, Trevor Jones questions his boyfriend Mark Long about his late evening out and insists on hearing it all. Mark talks about the sexy guy he hooked up with but he was really thinking about Trevor and how it would have been hotter to have him included. Trevor calls him a slut and that just gets Mark horny…so they wind up having hot morning sex ass a result. By the way, in part 2 we’ll get to see Mark’s hook-up…and his open relationship.

The last scene is “Ty Thomas & Dominic Green In Code Red” in which the two blinds just have a plot-free sex scene. The idea is that new guy Dominic wants experienced Ty Thomas to “show him the ropes”. Dominic sucks Ty and bottoms for him and gets  a taste of the so-called “Next Door lifestyle.”

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