Cocky Boys’ Call Me Lucky With Boomer Banks & Sean Maygers!


Cocky Boys has started off the week with “Call Me Lucky”, a new mini-series guest-directed by Dominic Pacifico and featuring CockyBoys models and faces new to the site. In fact the first episode features a hottie unfamiliar to many. He’s Sean Maygers, a ripped and handsome tattooed Southern stud with a great smile and charm to match.  You’ll be seeing him in a variety of stuff in the near future and right now you can find him in some kinky scenes at Dominic PacificoHere at Cocky Boys though he’s in a relatively vanilla scene.

The scene starts out with Sean Maygers  playing tennis …with Casey Everett in a surprise appearance.  The guys aren’t very good but have fun anyway. Plus it’s implied they’ve both got other things on their mind: these buddies have dates with guys they met online. Sean & Casey plan to tell each other about their dates the next time they play tennis so we assume that in the next episode we’ll see what happened on Casey’s date (with a Cockyboy, no doubt)


As he waits for his date to arrive you can tell Sean is nervous and horny. We learn why when his date shows up: it’s Boomer Banks! Sean compliments him with the “you’re much better looking in person”  line and Boomer is clearly attracted too. Given their instant chemistry and the fact that they’ve probably already talked online means there’s no need for chit chat. They get right into the passionate kissing and right away you can see the dynamic. Actually when Boomer enters the room you know what the dynamic will be. He owns a room by the way he walks in and holds Sean. And Sean just seems to nestle against him. Boomer is in control here, stripping Sean naked and going down on him to suck his thick cock. Sean Magyers looks like he’s about to swoon from the pleasure!

Boomer makes a surprise move by lying on the sofa and telling Sean succinctly that he wants to eat his hole. Sean doesn’t hesitate and sits right on Boomer’s face. Boomer not only rims and tongue fucks him, He sucks on his big balls and takes more of his cock. Sean bends forward and sucks Boomer’s cock for a variation on a 69. As you’ll see here and in much of this scene the guys are vocal in their own distinct way but not in a typical porn sort of way. We like seeing..and hearing this.

In a scene with more than a normal share of surprises, Sean makes the next move…he starts fucking Boomer on his back!  There’s lots of deep pounding and lots of moaning and groaning and it’s always hot to see Boomer in a more vulnerable role for a least for this part of the scene. Sean expresses himself very well even whether he’s on top or getting fucked. Yes, they change positions and Boomer starts to fuck him doggy style on the edge of the bed. There’s a wildly excited smile on Sean’s face as Boomer fucks him hard and he takes it all with a gusto.

 Boomer Banks changes things up to fuck Sean Maygers on his back and again during the course of the sequence he looks like he’s thinking “hell yeah, I’m getting fucked by Boomer Banks and I love it!” Boomer looks at him in almost the same way as though he’s reading his thoughts …or at least OUR impression of his thoughts. Boomer fucks a nice thick load out of Sean and then shoots one over him. They share more making out as though they’re ready for round 2!

This is a simple but very effective scene that brings out Boomer Banks’ versatile talents and those of Sean Maygers. Again,. watch out for this one!

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