In December 2017 Part 1

At in December there’s more super-hero sex, five new mini-series, and five new faces…including a few familiar to fans of another site. And this is just what’s going on in the first half of the month. As such the site has yet to reveal any of its holiday offerings, if any. In addition there are again a couple of blank spots in the line-up, one of which we can pretty well figure out. The other may be something major like the first part of another series, or an important stand-alone scene..or simply something less consequential.

December starts off with part 2 of Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody, loosely based on the movie and the longtime comic book franchise which started over 50 years.  Since we haven’t posted our review of the first episode we’re doing so here in advance of the second episode. The opening bumper shows the Justice League line-up of Batman (Ryan Bones), Wonder Woman (Manila Luzon), Flash (Johnny Rapid) Green Lantern (Colby Keller) and Aquaman (François Sagat ) facing of against what appears to be villain Darkseid (played by ??) Missing from the line-up is Superman (Brandon Cody) who has died as the series opens. As expected it’s picking up from the Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice mainstream movie.

The casting is good in general BUT…the cast of characters doesn’t reflect the movie line-up. Green Lantern isn’t in the movie but is included here Glaringly missing is Cyborg whose elaborate costume may have been a determining factor. That said they could have kept up the diversity by casting a black performer as Green Lantern (there are several earthling GLs one of whom John Stewart is black). And while we’re at it Batman and Green Lantern don’t have beards (although Superman did at one point in the comics.


The premise of the first episode is that Batman/Bruce Wayne (Ryan Bones) despairs at taking over for the fallen Superman but his butler Alfred (Manuel Skye) tries to encourage him to go on. But it’s The Flash (Johnny Rapid) reprising his role from a previous series) who sneaks into the Batcave and really tries to boost his confidence. Played with earnestness (and without a costume) Johnny comes on to Ryan and of course they have sex in the Batcave.  Alfred, who skulks around a lot, spies on them and almost catches them in the act. But in a demonstration of his super-speed The Flash disappears. Aside from the dubious casting choices this is a well-acted scene, the production values are good and the sex is hot.

Part 2, out this Friday features Aquaman (François Sagat) and Green Lantern (Colby Keller). With the world still in chaos following the death of Superman and widespread damage in major cities Aquaman “is summoned out of the ocean”. He’s portrayed as someone seemingly unaware of Earth culture (a departure from the comics to be sure) who finds a newspaper that has a headline about Green Lantern coming out of the closet. He and Green Lantern team-up to battle some criminals and then questions him about what gay means.

As GL Colby “decides it’s best to just show him.” So naturally he has some super-hot sex with François which includes sucking and fucking which Colby does the topping. But once again Johnny Rapid as the Flash is lurking about and from the shadows sees the two going at it. So does Wonder Woman, who is played by RuPaul’s Drag Race star Manila Luzon as comic relief. Fans of the character will likely not be pleased by this when the male characters are portrayed with more gravitas. Had ALL the characters had a humorous bent it might have made more sense. And let’s not forget that the Wonder Woman movie was was reviewed more favorably and got higher box office receipts than other DC characters. Lastly, the trailer for part 3 isn’t up but we’re assuming it comes on December 8.

Over the weekend releases the premieres of two NEW mini-series, starting with Pranksters. In this TV/online show parody Paul Canon and his buddy shoot videos in which they pants unsuspecting guys and put them on the web. Although they often get chased by the guys Paul and his buddy usually get away. However in part 1 Paul pants William Seed who chases Paul all the way home. He doesn’t harm Paul but pulls out his big cock that Paul h=just can’t resist. He sucks it and gets fucked hard by William…..which is all good to Paul. He’s very satisfied and calls this his best prank yet! No trailer yet for part 2 by the way.

In the other new series Seal Team Sex director Marc MacNamara takes a look at an members of an elite military squad and all their training and discipline. The main focus in the series (in parts 1 & 2 anyway) is on super-sexy, muscular and handsome newcomer Blake Hunter. He’s a very fit and well-trained member of the squad who impresses officer Michael Roman with his “Yes, Sir!”attitude and abilities. He’s also attracted to him and so when he gives Blake orders to service him the young go-getter does just that and gives him a good fuck.

Coming soon in part 2 Blake Hunter and fellow trainee Diego Sans are inseparable as they do their calisthenics and run together. There’s also a little affection from Diego. Back in the locker room they act on their attraction with Diego fucking Blake in his inimitable acrobatic fashion. Diego is as hot as always but we’re hankering for more Blake Hunter!

Next week in Skilled Tricks blue-collar workers seem to have the most fun! Businessman Theo Ford uses his position to order everyone around..including Paddy O’Brian, he painter who is redoing his office. However Theo’s attitude doesn’t fly with Paddy who rebels vocally and sexually and puts the haughty Theo in his place. Don;t feel too bad for Theo. He gets a hot fuck and is very satisfied at the end.

Coming up in part 2 house cleaner Nicolas Brooks comes over to do his work at the home of Damien Crosse and in an extension of “customer service” does everything Damien asks. Nicolas takes off his shirt and later strips naked for Damien so it’s just one big slippery slope as he bottoms for his client. Does the house even get clean?

AND, in the first episode of Ass Controller from director Iza L. Paul Canon‘s boyfriend is away on a trip and have left him something in his absence. It’s fancy butt plug that he wants Paul to wear so that he can “be in touch” with Paul while he’s away. Paul is excited to wear it BUT during a job interview with Kit Cohen he learns it’s a vibrating plug that his boyfriend can turn on and play with its intensity from his cell phone. And the mystery boyfriend indeed plays with it, turning Paul into a convulsing mess during his interview. Unfortunately for the remote boyfriend his playing with Paul’s ass puts him in the arms of Kit! More to come….

Coming up: Sean Cody alums Clark Campbell, Zeus Michaels, and Titus all make their debuts. Plus there are more stand-alone scenes and the start of a new series.

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