New Faces For November 2017 Part 4 =UPDATED=

This week’s spotlight on newcomers, likely the last one for November, features of bevy of built guys, BUT a startlingly lack of gay models. So, to help balance the scales a little we’re including one not so new guy who we think should be spotlighted because of his new and upcoming scenes. He WILL be one to watch in 2018. We’ve also updated our original post to include the new Chaos Men model and more info on the Helix Studios whose video is now up officially..with new pics.  

Koby at Sean CodyThis handsome well-built guy has a lot going for him in the photogenic department and as a charmer. Great smile, hot body, nice cock…although he should cut down on the pube-shaving because he’s got some irritation going on. And too much manscaping is SO out of style. Also, Koby has this younger Jake Gyllenhaal look going on which makes him just a little more attractive.

Koby is also a longtime exhibitionist, sending sex videos among his friends and getting some in return from both his straight and gay buds. Koby is straight however and it doesn’t sound like he’s curious about doing it with another guy. Too bad too because as a very sexual person he’d probably be fun. If he does return it would be a huge surprise.

Tyson at Corbin FisherThis athletic stud shows off his body and considerable skills on the basketball court and with some boxing moves. He’s also got a really nice cock and as CF says , “You gotta love a man that knows how to really enjoy himself when jerking off. There’s no doubt in his mind that we like what we see because he does too!  Looking down at his large cock growing harder and harder, Tyson rubs himself and moans out in pleasure culminating into a big and creamy finale!”

It’s a good thing that Tyson is a good showman in jerking off, but there’s virtually NO biographical info. He doesn’t talk about his sexual experiences or interests and that may be an agreement he made. There’s something vaguely military about Tyson’s demeanor which may be a reason for this lack of info. Do we expect to see more of him? Not really.

Luka Jay at Chaos Men. This good-looking guy with a really hot body and nice cock borders on “cute” looks-wise but is anything but that  sexually. Site owner Bryan says that Luka “has a military vibe about him” because he was in the service as a fire-fighter. Straight, he’s also a dominant guy into spanking, choking, bondage, etc/ He doesn’t use any gender pronouns when talking about dominating but you get the message. Apparently he likes petite girls “and if they are into it, he loves to get a little rough with them.” Luka may be as rough as he sounds since the videos Bryan put on for him were “too aggressive.”,

So according to his scene Luka hasn’t ever had any sexual contact with another guy. The closest he got was tag-teaming girls with his best friend.  So it doesn’t sound promising for his return. Bryan admits he is “not sure how willing he will be to go beyond receiving head. For his cum shot, he resorts to using both hands, practically choking the load out of his cock!”

Sean Maygers. This tattooed rick hard hunk with chiseled good looks, a dimpled smile and a big cock made his first appearance at Cocky Boys this week with Boomer Banks and we believe he’s in one more in this series “Call Me Lucky”. We first saw this dancer and model from the South at American Muscle Hunks and recently some new scenes (of a very kinky nature) started appearing at Dominic Pacifico (who directed the Cocky Boys series).

Coming in a couple weeks Sean  appears at Hot House in the 4th scene from Private Practice (with Josh Conners) and he’s in an upcoming HH scene. It’s an athletic gear/locker room movie and he’s in two two scenes with Ryan Rose and Austin Wolf!! There’s also a Falcon movie, a Dominic Ford scene and more. As we said at the top you’ll be seeing lots of Sean Maygers soon and into 2018.

Roman Tate at Gay Hoopla. Another hot with personality and a streak of exhibitionism, he too is straight . However, he has a kinky story that hints he might be open to more. His girlfriend convinced him to let her fuck him with a strap-on an she dangled a three-way is his face as an enticement. Apparently he took it okay..although he says his cock is bigger than the strap-on. Roman is 25, a personal trainer and is a ripped 175lbs. His solo has a workout AND, “He even does a bit of sneak naked posing right in the gym for Derek Jones (who’s shooting the video).”

Another good sigh is that after the gym and back on set he says,”All that dirty talk earlier got me going”. He’s also a grower and certainly has no problem getting it up for the camera. ” He’s also vocal and enjoys himself for the camera. “Roman’s smooth skin is tightly wrapped around his perfectly shaped muscles. His abs and pecs and shoulders flex while he jerks himself. ‘I kinda wanna cum on that chair,’ he says, eyeing the black leather arm chair in the corner.

“Derek tells him he can cum wherever he wants. Roman gets up and blows his load all over it. No idea why… but we’re glad the white cum stands out against the black leather. And it’s a LOT of cum. “That happens after a good workout.” Roman tells us that he cums a lot because he works out a lot and it builds up the testosterone… Derek wants to know more about the strap on he took up the ass… yes, he came… yes, he’d be willing to do it again. Stay Tuned.” Good news!

Luke Wilder at Helix StudiosAs we mentioned when we first posted about this guy his video was seemingly released early but has since been put up. A very hot guy not in the “twink” mold we usually see here. There’s no interview in his solo debut so we’ll have to wait to see if there are more scenes and more background revealed. We also would love to see him with Ashton Summers. Until then…

“Sexy surfer Luke Wilder catches his last wave of the day and emerges from the ocean wet and ripped riding on his big board. His muscled body still looks elegant and graceful as he packs up his gear and changes shorts right there on the beach. The gorgeous setting ignites an orgasmic itch Luke needs to scratch so our beach boy finds a secluded spot to “wax his board.” Making the most of his alone time, Wilder soaks up the surfy setting while seductively tracing his taught, tan body.

“Feeling zen and horny, his hands find their way towards his other piece of prized wood. The surfboarder spits on his fingers, using natures lube to raise his bone to full mast. Rock hard and getting harder, Luke rides the waves of personal pleasure in public as the sounds of surf crash into the shore. A sex storm of shear pleasure is slowly building in our beautiful boy as he inches his way towards orgasmic ecstasy. Luke’s breath quickens, he looks down at his delicious dick as his surfer boy hair hangs in his chiseled face and he tosses out tremendous tidal waves of white hot surfer spooge. His salty seamen seeps into the sand below while Wilder flops his cock around to enjoy the final waves of pure pleasure.”

Leo Wyatt at Active Duty. Not much we cab say from his preview but AD has plenty…”Leo has amazing skin as he slowly reveals his tan smooth body. He only has some peach fuzz on him which looks golden at times when the light hits him just right. Leo doesn’t shy away from the camera as he bares all for us to see. He may be skinny but those skinny men are always packing and this time is no different. Leo has a big thick cock for his size and it looks very tempting.

“As his cock becomes hard you can see the thickness and length. He has a very sexy dick that I’m sure our vets would love to eat right up. Leo continues to stroke his big dick and as he does he begins to spread his legs showing us his tight little pink hole which I’m sure is a virgin one. Leo doesn’t hold back as he eye fucks the camera and jacks his cock until without any warning he erupts in a nice big creamy load all over his tan smooth chest. Any takers to clean this up for him?? Enjoy!”

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